If you’ve got a need for speed, but don’t want to play (or pay for) Need For Speed, then free-to-play racer Project Torque might be just what you’re looking for — or have been looking for over the past five years. The racing game was shut down in 2014, but thanks to a dedicated group of fans, as well as the original designers, it’s set to make a comeback.

On the game’s nascent website, you can read a message from the new designers, where a “team of dedicated fans have spent the last 6 months” getting the game into shape, with the help of original developers Invictus. Between them, they hope to get Project Torque, which also went by the names HeatOnline, Level R, Speed Online, and Fast Black, back on the road in the near future.

There’s no set date at this time, as the team has “a lot of work to do to get the game to a playable state.” In the meantime, you can follow its progress on Project Torque’s Facebook page and Discord.

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  1. Just for an Update, We have made it ! , our crowdfunding just hitted 100% last day and we are going to be able to move forward whit the comeback of Project Torque !

  2. I was around when it was originally project torque and then heat online. They mean business and I can’t wait til it takes off.


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