Square Enix and Bigpoint have teamed up on an “exciting new project”. The new game, which is already well into development at Square Enix, will be published and marketed by Bigpoint in Europe and North America.

The title will be distributed on the Bigpoint.com portal, as well as by other media partners. Focusing heavily on social gameplay and encouraging user generated content, the game will be unveiled in the near future.

More detailed information about the game will be made public within the next few weeks. In the next six months, the game should be available and fully playable. Is this a new IP? Or a popular franchise like Final Fantasy? We will need to wait and see what happens.


  1. After attempting to play their FF MMO and failing horribly i hate Square so much aint even funny O,O (so f**k em and their attempt to suck even more)

  2. Funny how the FFXIII picture is posted up there. I only respect Squeenix for so many things, TWEWY, Radiata Stories, and Star Ocean. Never was really into Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, the bigger titles themselves. Although I did enjoy FEZ, and Concerto Gate. GamePot is terrible at marketing, and Games Campus is terrible, period.

    Anyways, 20 bucks down for a generic browser game. Squeenix, pull it together.

  3. The fact that it said that the game will encourage user generated content makes me believe it will be another Minecraft rip-off

  4. Third Life!
    no wait I know…
    My Little Pony Friendship is hackable!
    no wait its…
    Boring Cardgame Online!

    whatever it is you got it wrong they didn’t say free to play… you read a typo its free to PAY, no L. Sony and Square Enix would never do free projects unless they are facebook games which have very very very little detail put into them.

  5. im getting tired of square and there bullshit give me my fuking final fantasy versus already like 2006 to now and still nothing what kind of company does this what is this gonna be a ten year thing like duke nukem and turn out sucking like fuk me twice

  6. This should get out pretty good 🙂 As much as I remember Drakensang Online from BigPoint. I have to say at least for me that it’s the best Browser MMORPG. And among all of the great gameplay and stuff it comes with amazing graphics.

    Square Enix, They’re too good at RPG’s. Let’s just say FFXII was like the best of them all I’ve played on my PS2 and Radiata Stories. Well these 2 team up and make a F2P MMORPG sounds good to me 🙂

  7. Annnnd it’ll probably have tons of restrictions to premium shop.
    Im shocked Square Enix is even making a free to play game.

    I think FFXI should be free to play by now.

  8. I wish it was FEZ, but it’s not a browser game. Square pretty much gave away rights to it anyway as far as i know.

    If it’s on Bigpoint, don’t expect too much from it.

  9. I just hope its not garbage and they put real work into it. Not like other big name companies that half-ass a free to play mmo just for a quick buck.

  10. No thanks. I will pass on this considering how incredibly bad FF11 and FF14 are. The two worst games ever created.

    • you want a bad game? FEZ was horrific, and just look at the flood of DoA or Anime styled games! trust me they aren’t the worst, just bastard children that should’ve been aborted by their mothers.

      • about half of online games are anime and with fez at least it wasn’t a point and click movement method with such and old game it had the instant action based fighting with moving to instances with many players going against each other in war the massive amount in pvp would be 100 vs 100 other games have smallholding pvp with no characteristic of strategy just clicking the opponent not 1 vs 100 with ally’s behind you its get kinda sad how pvp get downgraded and ppl like you bad mouthing a game cause you have not gotten well enough in the game to know about it, the company that hosted it was the main reason it shutdown

  11. according to Square’s latests news probably will be some browser game, and Bigpoint only publish browser games, so not this time we will see FFXV F2P.


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