Winter is coming to Conqueror’s Blade, with the arrival of Season VI on Dec. 21, just four days before Christmas. We hope nobody at Booming Games had holiday plans!

The new season is fittingly titled Scourge of Winter and introduces a new enemy from the north, known as the Desecrators. Under the command of a shadowy figure known only as the Scourge of Winter, their arrival heralds the coming of fierce snowstorms throughout Ostaria, which will lead to new PvE content as the season goes on.

To help battle the cold, warlords will be able to promote their units to the more fierce Landsknechts, Armiger Lancers, and Liao’s Rangers. The season’s rewards will also include various attires and other loot to be found along the battle pass, which you can purchase now to receive the Desecrator’s Hero Attire when the new season goes live in 11 days.

Learn more about Season VI: Scourge of Winter on the Conqueror’s Blade website, and don’t forget about the game’s upcoming NA server split on Dec. 16.


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