Oasis Games released a short Fringe Wars trailer today, offering players a look at some of the combat as it occurs in the sci-fi MOBA. It’s a short glimpse, partially due to the first portion of the video giving an even shorter look at in game customization options.

Still, even with the briefness, the video is still shiny as all-get-out, featuring lots of missiles, lasers, explosions, and your general space-based pew-pew.

The combat takes place in Conquest Mode, which pits teams of 5 against each other in an attempt to conquer enemy outposts. For those looking for something more akin to a team deathmatch, the game also offers a Frontline Mode. This gives players the option to battle it out on a narrow playing field. Teamwork is still required, however.

As noted on the video description, the currently gameplay and customization system is all subject to change due to the game being in Alpha.

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  1. Why? This game is another fractured space/dreadnought why waste resources on another trash why not make one like this just open world mmorpg would be super popular


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