The battle between G.I. Joe and Cobra is spilling over into World of Tanks, with a special promotion running this month. Two unique themed tanks, the B.T.T. (for G.I. Joe, modeled after the TS-5) and the B.O.A. (for Cobra, modeled after the T-54), are now available for sale in the shop, with commanders coming soon.

The two tank packages come with decals featuring the classic Joe/Cobra tanks M.O.B.A.T. and H.I.S.S., as well as special missions that award inscriptions and emblems. All players can receive more inscriptions and emblems by ranking in the top 10 in Base XP over 25 battles while the missions are active, from now until March 26. On March 18, you’ll be able to purchase Duke and Cobra Commander as tank commanders. For more on the G.I. Joe promotion, check out the World of Tanks site.

On Monday, March 15, World of Tanks will also kick off a new battle pass, which runs until June 15. It will be split into three chapters of 50 stages each, and you can progress by playing random battles, ranked battles, and Steel Hunter, which runs from the 15th to the 21st.

Rewards for this season include new progressive styles for the featured core vehicles, which come in four levels, each one more impressive than the last. Sweet-looking 2D styles for those tanks are also up for grabs, along with the usual loot and currency rewards. Learn more about the Season 4 battle pass for World of Tanks here.

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