Gaijin Announces Post-Apocalyptic MMO Age Of Water

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

If you like Crossout but have thought, "I'd love to have this kind of gameplay but on a boat," then Gaijin Entertainment might have you covered. The developer and publisher has just announced Age of Water, an MMO game by Three Whales Studio via the Gaijin inCubator program that tosses players into "an unforgiving post-apocalyptic world" where sea levels have risen catastrophically and the survivors must fight for survival.

Gaijin describes the gameplay as follows:

Age of Water tells the story of a distant future when the Earth has been transformed into an ocean world. Residents live in cities built upon whatever urban structures remain above the water’s surface including skyscraper rooftops and giant statues. Take control of a motorboat and travel between settlements, fighting pirates, excavating the remnants of a lost civilization from the depths of the ocean and transport valuable goods whilst discovering whether the mythical land still exists.

Players can build and upgrade their boats from components they find or trade for, while apparently having to deal not only with hostile enemies but also economic forces. Construction may resemble what's found in Crossout, with the example given that you can "construct an armoured deckhouse and fill the deck with high-calibre machine gun turrets."

You can check out the Age of Water on its website, where you can also sign up for alpha testing. Notably, the game is indicated as being available for PC on the gaijin.Net platform, and not Steam. Given the Gaijin CEO's issues with Valve's platform, that might not change even as the game continues its development.

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Discussion (1)

Arkanpher 3 years ago
1. they made crossout inspired by "mad max"....
now they make age of water inspired by clone of mad max "waterworld"...
2. for the first time I see game with male character models designed better than female ones...
really, those fems are so horrible I'd aim cannons to kill'em first just not to ever see them :D
3a. Why add characters there in the firs place? Crossout had nobody inside cabin, nobody behind cannon/machinegun/yada-yada-gun as operator...
3b. It looked silly in War Thunder when dude just stand still and rotate with cannon in Isuzu Type 94...and I see same here...the cannon just rotates together with the character glued to it like a toy...Sorry, it's 2020, you can add simple walking animations *facepalm*

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