Trick out your ride and take to the post-apocalyptic roads for battle in Crossout, the free-to-play vehicular combat game from Gaijin Entertainment! Featuring a vehicle design system with endless customization and fast-paced, armor-crunching combat, Crossout offers high-octane excitement in brief and explosive matches.

You'll start with a basic vehicle that you can quickly upgrade with the spoils you get from PvP and PvE matches, as well as through crafting and the marketplace. Build your car from the wheels and chassis on up, add armor, weapons, and other accessories, and then take it out into the arena to kill or be killed. The ways you can design your vehicle are limitless, and you'll always discover new strategies and innovative ways to turn your enemies into scrap metal.

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Release Date
May 30, 2017
Windows (Client)
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.
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Latest Updates

Build and pilot your very own flying armored vehicle.

1 month ago

Players that participate in daily challenges can earn rewards like blueprints, parts, stickers, decor, paints, resource containers, and badges.

6 months ago
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screw crossout 4 years ago
I spent $1000 on the game to only be harassed by a developer / super moderator being called a pay to win a piece of **** The moderators put out comments saying 90% of its American player base is cry babies and worthless. The company responds and said it was ok because it was just an opinion of the moderator and not that of the company but was posted on their forum in response to the developer. They respond to my review of the game "Regarding the unfortunate comments made by Beta Angel - he's a born and bred American, so I'm not sure it can be viewed as xenophobia. This incident was discussed and he deeply regrets that opinion voiced in the heat of the moment." nothing was done they regret it but it's ok he was born in America? that's like saying it's ok I'm racist because I have a black friend. Now on steam, there is a guy who trolls everyone just sits there and insults people well today I seen he put a message acting like he was a mod and it was deleted right away and the same message was uploaded by a moderator. So I started a new thread and showed everyone and it was instantly removed the troll is a moderator and they hide on personal accounts harassing their player base. This is the worst tactic I seen from developers it's sad when the guy even says I will not let anyone say anything negative about this game.

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Bob T. Builder 5 years ago
Great idea, building all sorts of vehicles with all sorts of frames and wheels and guns and stuff and then going out on missions to blow other vehicles to hecknback.

Great idea. Too bad the actual practice is sadly lacking. Win 1 in 15 games. Get 5 gallons of fuel and a measly handful of rewards.

Great idea. Sadly game theory went out the window on this one. Pit your team against the other. Then see that much of the time the opposition (even the BOTS) have a power rating 4 times what you team has. Wait 5 minutes for 20 seconds of your vehicle being blown to smithereens.

Great idea. If you like spending real cash on virtual items you probably can get on the team with the huge power ratings. Otherwise, you limp along hoping to be devious enough in contructing something that will last more than 20 seconds on the mission and/or battlefield.

Great idea. Just needs a complete overhaul as far as the battles go. Building a vehicle is awesome and the part that is the most fun. After that, it's mostly waiting for frustration.

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arctic fang 6 years ago
First and Foremost what you need to know about this game: “This Game is Paid to Win.”

Over two years in development with terrible balance in PVP, limited number of maps and mods for PVP and on top of it the game is pay to win. Laced with micro-transactions to take full advantage of players well before the game is being close to being finished, which the game is really far from it.

Now since that is out of the way, here is a small list of problems with the game.

1. P2W:
A. Problem: Players are able to buy high level items without reaching the required level to build it.
Solution: Make it to where if the player can not build the item they can not use the item.
Now I am not saying that the player can not own it, they can buy it to hold for trade to another player or to play the market and try to gain a profit.

B. Problem: Renting workbenches is only attainable with credits either with real money or playing the market buy selling your reward items.
Solution: Game needs to offer one free workbench rent through completing Missions, jobs or even a season.
Offer 1 free workbench a week

2. Matchmaking:
A. Problem: Power scores are meaningless.
High level player or Cash shop players against low level players or against new players
In-game bot fillers are ill-equip and the bot AI's needs to be adjusted.

Solution: A Fair and Balance fix is to make White items a tier 1 class so that players can face against other tier 1 players. Blue items would be tier 2, Purple items would be tier 3...etc.
When a player installs blue and purple item on their frame, the player will be put in the tier of their highest tier item regardless of the power score.
Introduce blue frames for blue builds purple frames for purple builds ….etc and addition cabs for variety of power, structure and mass for the color frames.
A player can not install a blue part on white frame, but can install white part on a color frame if they so choose, but the player will still battle in that color frame bracket.

3. Limited Maps: Add a Snow wasteland, canyons or caves...etc
4. Limited Mods for PVP: need to add control point mod, capture the flag mod, bomb run mod...etc
5. Salvaging: example.
If a player buys or builds color items that uses all three type of materials: scrape, wires and copper. The player should get a percentage back from all three types.
6. Drones: Builds should have only one type of drone, not 2/3 of the same kind. Players can have 3 drones, but only one of each like one air, one wheeled and one stationary.
7. Fusion: Doesn't offer fusion of white items, and it seems worthless to even have it.
8. Non-mobile builds: The game needs to make sure all builds can travel (4 tires minimum) before entering into battle. Otherwise it doesn't keep within the sprite of the Mad Max / Twisted Metal theme if a player spawn's into the game without wheels.

This is a basic quality contol issues should have been solved durring closed beta. This just shows the nature of the company's tactic's of a cash and grab of a unbalanced / unfinished game.

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kizapet 6 years ago
This "game" has inflation made by limiting resources. To upgrade my CoDriver to level 10 I have to give 2000 scrap metal, 1500 wires, 300 copper, and 150 coupons. My limit is about 2800 for scrap and wires and coupons is 0of6 as they say.

Some bots say just buy it, what is the problem, Hey dude, I need to sell something first and if Gaijin is limiting everything how can I sell. On top of that I need better weapons and other equipment and it will cost me thousands to get something better, not to mention there is equipment that costs 35000 coins! That is about 350000 scrap metal! And limit is 2800?!!? However you can buy 35000 coins for $400-$500 but so you can buy 10 much better games!!

So it is not tough choice, play annoying game or play 10 best!

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Kevin Flemming 6 years ago
Initially fun, but soon as you start to hit around 3k PS (Player Score, the "rough guide" as to how powerful you are)) it becomes quite unbalanced. As with most games, the matchmaking is pretty awful and you'll often be put up against players with far better PS and equipment than yourself (typically as they have cashed like crazy, as per the majority of games nowadays), potentially resulting in a mass of losses which don't give you anything but a little experience.

Personally, I found the ratio to be around one win in every five-to-ten matches. Could be simply bad luck but I had been taking note of who I was up against and playing with. The vast majority were overpowered. Plenty of one-hit-kills and such.

Teamwork plays a huge part in this game as well and will most likely be your downfall due to "crazy" people charging in and throwing the match. Or rushing the base instantly (which I find boring, as the match can potentially only last thirty seconds or so).

Now, that aside, it will take a long old time to get anywhere without spending money. Something I simply refuse to do in most games, as I prefer to learn my place and work hard. But (and quite a big "but" I might add) with the unbalanced matches and many losses, it could take a very, very long time to become a challenge to others.

The premise is great. The vehicle creation system is excellent, as are the graphics and controls (even using a controller, it's fairly accurate). It's just a shame that it has the same issues as War Thunder and isn't a full open-world MMORPG. I honestly feel like they have missed a trick with Crossout. It would play much better in an open-world environment, with missions, NPCs, factions, war zones, etc.

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Studiox 6 years ago
Nothing about this game is FREE! Other than installing it. They even charge you tax. I`am $70.00 in the hole on this one. and Still cant built half the stuff on youtube. level 16 and still just a stepping stone for other players. And its FULL of AIM BOTS! So if you install this one, you better have deep pockets.

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OverYour DeadBody 6 years ago
its a good game till you hit lvl 4 and then it slows down unless you play a lot and buy a lot i am talking like wow raids where you spends 6-10 hours a day playing it cause you lvl 4 in matches with your team is out classed most on your team are lvl 4-5 maybe a 6 or a 7 other team has 1-3 lvl 4-6 rest are lvl 10+ 1 guy had a weapon i had not seen before went looking at the faction equipment list it was a lvl 15 weapon and he just ripped apart my team battle lasted like 40 seconds 8 v 8 he killed 6 and to do raids in game you need fuel to get fuel you need a fuel drum but you only get 25 units of fuel no matter how many fuel drums you have 1 or 10 you only get 25 units and you need items to make things trouble is you get so few or none at all and scrap metal you need 300 to make a basic item and in a battle you lucky if you get 15 so you need 20 wins to get the 300 and higher lvl items take even more i don't mind a grind for lvls but this is WAY over doing it and yes if you have more money then working bran cells you can buy ever thing except the lvls to use them that at least you still have to grind out.

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ASDF 6 years ago
You will start to hate it.Money sink game.

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Daniel Gatt 6 years ago
will CROSSOUT pc game ever come to ps4 or xbox i really what to play crossout on my ps4/xbox please make crossout for ps4/xbox

i would pay 500 dollers if you would put crossout pc game on ps4/xbox thats how mush i love guns with cars

please reply soon as you can

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RenTheRose 6 years ago
well i have been out of the game market for a while keeping up with only 3 games these days this will not be one of them and here's why.

first as a player from alpha the "closed beta" seems to only have 1/4 the content most of the boring stuff to.
second the dev will never tell you anything or even come out and talk to the community in any way the admin on the game itself don't even know whats going on development wise this is scarey i hate devs that wont talk to the community even when the community is very supportive or honest in whats wrong.
as it stands most people paid to get in this game but sadly because of that a lot feel pissed bye youtubers entering the game with (unlimited money and max lvl account) making pvp with them a 100% loss because with high lvl mean more parts on your car and matchmaking is not good at setting up fair matches.
while i am at it the in game economy in the (Taxed paced market) is horrible and easily messed with bye few players one group of people manage to drain a large player bases money in less then a week amassing 22 billion in game money an amount spread across 4 people and 7 accounts. this caused the closed beta players to basically leave and wait for open beta.
the devs hint at a feb release for open beta well they were right its is now open beta IN CHINA !.
the N/A player base basically got ignore when they got outraged on the forums. the devs have ignored this and releases a (balance patch) which changed nothing in the game as far as content.
with this i am done with the game from the devs alone.

gameplay is like robocraft but with horrible MM less combat choices and you better make you car as armor and bulky as possible or you lose also if you try any thing new you will be punished
and you can enjoy waiting for every patch that (Balance) a weapon tell its op and the new meta while you get broker and broker from trying to make money. ohh and did i mention that you can buy the ingame currency so its pay to win also

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Clay ( --GunneR-- ) 7 years ago
--GunneR-- speakin' here...for the dev's of the game and also the human resources side, please feel free to contact me via steam or email (steam cegunner) which I'm ready to throw money down to do some running driving around ingame. 'Been waiting on a game of this type. Cheers for Canada. Ehhh!

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dasfgadfsg 7 years ago
FU you stupid morons! You wasted 30 minutes of my life!! NONE OF THIS cr*p is playable they ALL FKING CLOSED BETAAAAAA!!! Show me a single fking game I CAN ACTUALLY PLAY and go FK yourself!

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asdf 7 years ago
Looks good, too bad its in closed beta for now.

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