SoulWorker will soon be out of work, as the MMORPG will be shutting down in the West on April 30. As Gameforge said in its announcement of the move,

Together we have fought in countless skirmishes, experienced thrilling adventures and our heroism has brought a ray of hope to the post-apocalyptic world of SoulWorker. But most importantly, we’ve met new friends!

Real-money purchases will be disabled on March 31, so you’ve got a full month and a half if you want to still spend money on your account, for some reason. Between that, the lack of any kind of special events, and Gameforge’s suggestion you try two of the other games it manages, it’s one of the weaker shutdown notices we’ve seen.

If you’re still feeling hopeful, developer Lion Games is aiming to create an international server, and gave details on the prospective project on its Facebook page. This version will include all eight characters and a revised cash store (no gacha!), but you won’t be able to transfer your accounts from Gameforge’s version, owing to GDPR regulations.

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