Lightbulb Crew, the team behind the free to play MOBA “Games of Glory”, took to Gamescom to unveil something slightly different in the MOBA space. While details are still sparse, the plan is to have a Persistent World inside of the MOBA/shooter mashup.

Players fight, embodying a powerful Clone, for their faction’s influence within the broader universe. Each victory or loss changes things, raising their notoriety in the eyes of the Synarchy’s – the dominant empire in the game’s universe – population. These dynamic evolutions on the script will shape the game’s content and include announcements of new factions, introductions of new clones, armor and equipment as well as game mode modifications.

Players’ actions influencing both the future development of the game as well as the course of history for lore and factions is a very unique aspect inside a MOBA, but will it be done well enough to really make Games of Glory stand out?

The exclusive Gamescom trailer above starts the ball rolling, but we’ll have to see exactly how this idea plays out and if players actually FEEL like they have an impact.

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  1. dawngate tried to do this with living lore and having us players vote on where we wanted the story to go. sadly this won’t be enough for it to stand out of course but best of luck.


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