gamigo might be shutting down one game (or two, depending on how you look at it), but it’s just announced that it’s adding another to its family.

Skydome, from Brazilian developer Kinship Entertainment, is described as a “seamless blend between MOBA and tower defense” and features strategic gameplay in an ancient temple set amongst the heavens. Champions are divided into several roles, such as Skirmishers, Guardians, and Hunters, who must work together in 4v4 battles in an “epic fight between the Sun and the Moon to decide who should reign supreme.”

Champions will have access to unique disruptive intervention skills, which include “death mazes, magic portals, and time manipulation.” Players can also deploy walls and towers to fortify their position, and there are MOBA-style jungle areas where you can hunt down PvE monsters. You can then take the monsters you defeat and use them to invade your opponent’s territory.

gamigo has secured the rights to Skydome in North America and the EU; it’s currently free-to-play in other territories and while there’s no official word on whether that will be the case in NA/EU, we’d bet in favor of it. You can learn more about Skydome on its website.

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