While it’s still not the big new content — meaning a new region and all — new content is just around the corner for Genshin Impact. The version 1.1 update adds new quests to the game, including the finale to the Liyue portion of the game’s storyline. It also drops four new characters, a new reputation system for the game’s central hubs, and it’s set to release on November 11.

As you’d probably expect from it, the new reputation system offers players a chance to build up reputation in each region (currently Mondstadt and Liyue) and earn rewards, including region-exclusive items and customizations. The good news is that players should have a somewhat easier time leveling their reputation as miHoYo is adding new tools like a portable waypoint, a treasure compass, and more to the game, all of which will be particularly useful.

New playable characters are being added to the game as well, including two five-star characters “Childe” and Zhongli (seen in the header image), and two four-star characters Xinyan and Diona. “Childe” takes on the role of a Hydro archer with both melee and ranged combat abilities, while Zhongli is a Geo polearm user with strong AoEs. miHoYo has yet to state what roles the other two characters will fill, but did add that they will offer opportunities for more party diversification.

Oh yes! The update will also introduce the game’s first seasonal event: Unreconciled Stars. The two-week event requires players to fight a “sudden and terrible catastrophe facing Teyvat.” To do this, they’ll take on a series of new quests and co-op challenges. Of course, there will be special event rewards, including a four-Star Fischl.

Normally, this is where I’d tell you to hit up the game’s site for full details on the upcoming update. But, there’s no info there yet. But, the update is still a bit off, so as soon as more details are posted, we’ll let you know.

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