Okay everyone. It’s time to make the official transition from good, ole Defiance to the newer and shinier Defiance 2050. If you’ve been playing the original and completing your Pursuits then you should have some sweet Valor rewards waiting for you in 2050.

For those new to Defiance, 2050 is an updated take on the original game. It adds new classes: Assault, Assassin, Guardian, Combat Medic, and Demolitionist. It also introduces new item enhancements and graphical updates.

As is common with any game launch, Trion is offering players a bit of a boost in the form of the pre-order packs — which are currently still available. They range in price from $20 to $50, with the $50 one being a combination of the other two. If you’d like to check them out, you can do so on Trion’s site.

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  1. Can’t seem to transfer all the codes/founder stuff to 2050 so… I dunno, don’t see why I would bother with it at this point. Maybe the game changes more drastically later, but just starting out in the first couple hours, everything is completely identical to the previous game aside from the improved visuals. If you wanted to do all the dlc stuff and never bought them I guess you can play this one, but you’re basically starting completely over.

  2. please explain it to me ’cause im dumb… what are the differences again between this and classic ??? Maybe im blind or i don’t get it something ’cause for now i only see them in tittle

    same graphics, same weapons. same combat system . same numb animation etc …SAME STORY ….
    oh yeah skill are cut to 1/3 what it use to be
    at this point im besotted what is going on and i rather play classic and have all my gear weapons etc rather then start over in 2050


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