Ghost Recon Online Open Beta Starts

Michael Dunaway
By Michael Dunaway, News Editor August 6, 2012

Ghost Recon Online used it's super hi-tech gizmos to sneak into open beta late last week.

Ubisoft quietly pushed GRO from closed beta into open beta with nary a sound to be heard. The free to play shooter set in the GR universe has been in beta for several months. Unlike most F2P shooters available, GRO aims to provide a more tactical experience for players. Players can seek cover behind walls which alter their firing stats, allowing them to shoot with less recoil for example. There is also a class system in place which each class gaining significantly different abilities/perks including; a bullet proof mobile bubble, heat ray, personal cloaking, and more.

We go a chance to try out Ghost Recon Online during the closed beta. Check out our First Look to find out what we thought of the game.

If you want to try out Ghost Recon Online for yourself you can signup and download the game here

How do you think GRO will fare versus other more conventional F2P shooters?

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Michael Dunaway
Michael Dunaway, News Editor
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Discussion (37)

Exiled98 9 years ago
dont play the game now it have a tutorial bug where it forces you to buy grenades without giving you any credits to buy them , forget about this game and go find another , this game is going down the drain from the start

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Lyam 9 years ago
<3 this game

CerealBox 9 years ago
If you guys need help on how to get started if you're new, just look me up! you can reply here and/or find me at the GRO forums!

Brian 9 years ago
grpahic extremly high

ThcMonkee 9 years ago
The game is really good. Well worth the money that you put aside for gaming. I do not claim this lightly by the way. But only as long as you have a near beastly computer, as Payback above has mentioned, the engine is quite unoptimized, it looks great but not that much. Warface looks just as good if not better and runs pitch perfect on my computer.

Outside the engine department, where Warface wins over Ghost Recon easily, it would be really hard to say which one is a better game. I enjoyed them both very much, on multiple occasions, sideways.

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Payback 9 years ago
The game is lovely. The third person perspectives, teamwork, equipments, and best of all, it's not pay-to-win. You can get virtually almost anything with both in-game credits and real cash. The only thing I don't like is, the unoptimized game engine. Plus the cover system is a bit buggy. I've been shot through thick covers tons of times.

Fan 9 years ago
I cant play the game when i press the download it turns into a loading screen that is forever.

cacalips 9 years ago
PS, if you dont believe me. GO TO THE FORUMS of this game right now. IT SUCKS. Everyone plays RECON because it is super OP at the momment.

Unbalanced, especially leveling up:

Player review, bad game:

OVER POWERED guns; and if this is fixed, just image what is in the cash shop.

When you play a strategy game; you should limit classes that enter a match. Sadly, this game cant do that. All of its population want to be snipers, you cant block class...So, everyone rolls snipers and the game is crap. The solution is to nerf snipers, but you take realism out of the game. SERIOUSLY, wait for WARFACE.

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cacalips 9 years ago
Cacalips here to tell you. This game is not all that. Sorry. 1) There is a game I am currently playing in Russia called WARFACE, Crytek3 engine F2P-FPS. Now, with WARFACE being launched first (all files english by the way with only a russian englishpak as they test market), I noticed GHOST RECON COPIED all the features that make the FPS unique. That includes A: The blue outline of a buddy behind walls or another room B: The E and Spacebar to hoist over walls and last but not least C: The SLIDING FEATURE!
I am shocked at how similar these games play out and it is interesting that warcry holds back out of the english market right now, even though the game is designed and operates perfectly with an english language pack. Just more market manipulation.
Long live the private servers on both of these titles ^^

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xBryce 9 years ago
Well i just installed and tried to play this game. I have no idea why, but I lag sooooo badly in game that I can't even move hardly. I more than meet the minimum I have no idea what the problem is.

Any help here guys?

(I even used gamebooster 3 and set the graphics on low)

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lostny76 9 years ago
FYI you need to have internet explorer installed to get this game to work.

Gdac250 9 years ago
I've played this game since it was in close beta, and it's great. one of the things I like about this game, is that you actually need some skill in this game(unlike Call Of Duty XD). If you don't like working with a team then this game isn't for you, you're team mates are essential if you wan't to do well. So if you like games that are pretty realistic, and where you really on your team mates then you will love this game. Otherwise, this game just isn't for you.

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NeOeN 9 years ago
I dont have luck with this game.
1. got CB key but my land is dont supported for CB. :(

2. OB: I try for last few day to play it, but ther is a bug with the launcher so i cant start the donwload from game client, and u need Internet Explorer.
Who use today Internet Explorer???

Hope ther fix it fast want to test it, after so long waiting.

sry for bad English.

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Yaniv 9 years ago
Only for NA ?

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SpecOpsSam 9 years ago
This game fells so good once you get the hang of it i hope you guys enjoy it

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Kudlius 9 years ago
Havent even started playing and already having probs with the game...

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0lly 9 years ago
I say this game is not so good as it seems :D

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Rock 9 years ago
Have been playing it for a few days, and I think it is pretty good.

It does have its bugs, and weapon damage really needs to be buffed. But other than that, it seems like a good F2P game.

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