Awesome Looking MMOFPS Game, Earth From Another Sun, Preps For Steam Next Fest But Will Blockchain Hurt It?

The game seems to be pulling many ideas from popular space FPS franchises in the best of ways.

Aspen Pash
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Earth from Another Sun

MMO space fans can rejoice as the upcoming game from Multiverse Studio, Earth from Another Sun, has just dropped another trailer that shows just how magnificent this game looks thus far. The demo will become available as a part of Steam Next Fest from October 3 until October 10 (there's an existing demo up now), and this demo will also include various cosmetic bonuses for players to try out and enjoy.

This game will have the player building their own space army, undertaking missions for reputation, enjoying PvP, and building diplomatic clout between various factions. The choice is really up to the player: do they want to be a space pirate or would they prefer to tread the lines of morality and defend civilization as they know it?

Now, the game will be using blockchain (it's backed, in part, by Solana Ventures), but maybe don’t let that scare you away just yet. Most companies at this point understand the backlash that comes with blockchain, and there are ways to be involved in this new crypto phenomenon that doesn't necessarily have to ruin a game...we hope. If the company sticks with gameplay first, and blockchain falls to the back as something less important in the scheme of the game, it could be fine...but we'll see.

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