After a successful closed beta phase, Supercell announces that its browser-based, social role-playing game, Gunshine, is now available in Open Beta for the world to see. The new version of the game includes a plethora of new features and improvements to Gunshine, which combines a deep, massively-multiplayer role-playing experience with the accessibility of a browser-based social game.

With Gunshine, Supercell has been successful at bringing a high quality role-playing experience to the browser environment. Set on a prison island dominated by a corrupt pharmaceutical company, players must take down the gangs that run the island’s neighborhoods at the company’s behest. Kill big bosses, gather loot and upgrade your hero as you try to liberate Dawnbreak City from the clutches of Labycore. The extensive social features, deep gameplay and careful attention to writing and setting make Gunshine much more than just another browser MMO.

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  1. On second thought, I was wrong, in its current state this game is below average quality and simply awful after about level 16.

  2. Game could be good if it had some more players online and a few more quests per level…and slightly less grinding and class skills that didn’t require real money and a better npc shop economy that reflected the effort to earn money in game and some balance changes for weapon range and dps and a character stat that would affect shooting accuracy and some more zones that are solo friendly and lower taxi travel costs…but yeah, aside from that, it’s a halfway decent game.

  3. i have 3 computers so i let my brother and my friend play with me to get through missions super fast. good game

  4. I like this game, and you can play and really do something in it even if you do not pay. But yeah, it is harder 🙂

  5. The game devs. just get greedier and greedier with each update. I actually liked the game before this update, now, even getting some skills costs purely diamonds. The only offensive skills cost diamonds for the Doctor class. Wtf? Graphics are nice and all, but the gameplay is lacking.


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