At GSTAR 2011, MAIET entertainment finally revealed GunZ the Second Duel (GunZ 2) game play in public through Korean publisher CJ E&M. It was a big moment for MAIET especially because this was the first time GunZ 2 gameplay has ever been officially released to public.

GSTAR 2011 finished on November 13th, and MAIET released GunZ 2 official promotional trailer made for publisher viewing to public on November 18th. In this trailer, users can have a glimpse of four PvP maps presented at GSTAR 2011 and have an opportunity to watch the gameplay of all three classes of characters. There is also PvE content which wasn’t revealed during GSTAR toward the end of the trailer.

The following FAQ is organized by MAIET which was often asked from the gamers or foreign publishers.

Q. When was GunZ 2 project started?

A. GunZ 2 project was started on the second half of the year 2007. But the first 2 years were spent building fundamental technologies and testing, so release point was postponed later than what we originally planned.

Q. What is the biggest difference between GunZ 1 & GunZ 2?

A. The noticeable feature of GunZ 2 is the adaptation of Full Physics Game Engine. There are many games which use Physics Engine, but it is mostly used for visual effects or it is used under limited circumstance for multiplay.

But, GunZ 2 synchronizes all Physics simulation on the network, and this exclusive technology realizes the users to experience and perform such creative gameplay in GunZ 2 which is completely different from GunZ 1. Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t fully display this feature but as the development progresses and through the release of new information you will see and feel it greatly.

Q. Will there be any other class than the 3 classes presented for the official release?

A. No, because developing additional class is a huge job. Sometimes we heard about adding a healing class rumor, but this was never an issue even from the beginning. For the official service, total of 3 classes will be launched, and these include female assassin, male fighter, and female heavy characters which weren’t shown on the trailer.

Q. Does character customizing possible?

A. Of course. We just didn’t apply the equipment change part for GSTAR because of the limited time for the show. We already prepared enough costumes to present for the official version, and you will see it as more information about GunZ 2 reveals.

Q. Enforcement of PvE mode?

A. Yes. We consider PvE mode in GunZ 1 as just a foretaste. We were determined to make attractive and enjoyable PvE mode so user can also have fun just by playing PvE mode. However, PvE mode is not enough to experience everything about GunZ 2. Our ultimate goal is to provide more experimental features in PvE to bring a brand new gaming experience for players.

Q. Will there be the technique called kStyle at GunZ 2?

A. kStyle from GunZ 1 will not be included in GunZ 2. We acknowledge that kStyle would have enhanced the popularity of GunZ 1 but it is also true that it holds many derivative problems. And also we doubt for the necessity to keep kStyle since GunZ 2 will have totally new tactics and controls. Just considering what we have planned for GunZ 2 so far, we believe that there is enough content to exceed GunZ 1 and provide a lot of enjoyable features.

So there is no need to be disappointed about kStyle.

Q. When will GunZ 2 be officially released?

A. We are currently working on the contents and elaborating more on Full Physics Game Engine. It is hard to tell definite timing for release but it is our goal to release early next year in Korea.

Q. Please tell about international language service plan.

A. So far, only the release of Taiwan, Macao, and Hong Kong during the third or fourth quarter of 2012 is confirmed. Since GunZ 2 is receiving lots of attentions from many game publishers of different territories, we hope to be able to release regarding additional officially servicing territory by early next year.

Q. Do you have any plan to lead the international service by development studio such as GunZ 1?

A. Not at all. Actually it is difficult to say that it won’t happen in the future, but for now we can’t prepare for such service plan or the operating team. We think that we have accumulated good experience while leading an international service for GunZ 1, but it is out of our capacity to operate an international service in our own at this moment.


  1. NO K-STYLE? WHAT WHERE THERE BE TO SEPARATE FROM THE NEW PLAYERS FROM THE OLD PLAYERS? No skill needed in GunZ 2 if no K-Style. New players will annihilate the old players because there is no “learn as you go” techniques. Tell me I am wrong, I hope, pls.

  2. I CANT BELIEVE GunZ 1 IS GONE!!! I grew up on that game, that was the first game i ever had been addicted to, why is it gone? I made so many friends online that I will never meet again. why cant MIETT put it back up? please MIETT put it back up, GunZ 2 looks great, but it will never be the same as GunZ 1.

  3. no k-style? what the hell are you guys thinking! k-style is what made it so dam good and addictive, now that there is nothing to master it will be boring as hell, there’s utterly no use for swords now.

  4. First of, k-style isn’t a glitch, it’s animationcacalling. You don’t need to perform proper bf to use it. simply slash then block imidietly after while standing on the ground and you are allready using animation canceling.

    K-stlye just aimed to push animation cancalling to it’s limits which resulted in way higher mobility and short ranged combat than the game was inically disigned for. This creates compleatly unique gameplay and i doubt the game would have gotten even half the playerbase without it.

    But I see why the developers went away from it. It caused GunZ to have the most ridiculous learing curve I have ever seen in a video game. People new to the game don’t stand the slightest chance against someone capable of proper k-style(dbf, rhs, wallpost, juggleing ect)
    You can be one of the worlds best Battlefield, Gears of War or I don’t know what shooter player and the average k-styler would still rape your ass because it’s so different from what you expect and are used to.

    They will remove the animation cancalling that had you press 7+ buttons in right order and timing them in less than 1 second to perform a single move. I mean come one, dbfing across the map would even leave the apm of pro korean starcraft players in the dust and most of us just do it to get around the map.

    From the looks of the trailer wallrunning will be more flexible:
    wallrun doesn’t require an animation cancel to dash after jumping of it, you can do wallrunning multiple times and you can hang on a wall and and shoot.

    We still have dashes so if people are still as durable as before, classes beeing able to deflect bulets with their sword and the shotgun keeping at least some of it’s punch from the previous game I expect the game will retain at least some of it’s feel while significently lowering the learning curve.

    Just please no more overpowerd premmeds, I am ok with some bonusstats for a little extra cash in a free to play game but giving out a second live for ~7$ a month is too much of an advantage for me. (also the reason why i stopped playing GunZ 1 after more than 6 years).

  5. It’s like the case of Starcraft and Starcraft 2. The first is a classic, is very fun to play with awesome music, and although anyone can learn and play it, very few do master it (Also full of hacks). The second one is more for fun, a lot of fancy colours, they deleted the high-skill techniches to make it more mainstream. I find that it’s the exactly same case.

    I’ll like both I guess (if some day Gunz 2 is released). But I’ll always love Gunz (original) exactly how it is. I’m surprised the amount of noobs here talking bad about Gunz and K-style, especially “DurkaDurka” I quote:”yeah… flying around the map was sooooo legit =p”. This is probably the biggest reason of because I like Gunz, the freedom of movement, you can literally fly when you have the skill. It’s like RPG, you learn more skills and techniches with the experience, but not the character: YOU with your hands 😀

    Gunz is a great game as it is, says a lvl 59 in the old ijji (now aeriagames or something like this).

    You that talk bad about k-style, bf, and all the techniches are a bunch of QQ newbies 😀

  6. i understand people saying that k-style is gone and stuff… i know k-style . but i can sacrifice that for better PVE , Bossing… animation , HD graphics and cool stuff as k-style is a method to fight and kill. not a thing which is going to be so good that they can just leave Gunz the same it as everything it was before. i get bored of PVP and PVE sometimes because i know k-style and easy to kill boss and mobs… easy to PVP when playing with players who dont really know how to use k-style like lvl 1 who just started haha.. but really gunz 2 will be better then gunz 1

  7. First :K-style is not a glitch, I honeslty don’t know how to do Butterfly or double…what ever but K-styler are players that practise and practise to perform a perfect combo to attack and i think is awesome (i wanna learn how to do that plzz xD). Like S8n says ” K-Style isn’t such a big problem to get rid of” i totally agree. you just need to find a way to beat them ( Good luck with that). So K-stylers you are awesome 😀 and others who dont like KS well… you guys are BORING, just saying.

    Second : Gunz or Gunz 2??? i saw the trailer. sorry to say this but from what i saw in the video, i dont LIKE it at all. no KS=no competition and chalenge for me the only thing that i liked is the assasin classe thats it.but who knows that was just a trailer maybe just maybe there more awesome things in gunz 2, but for now enjoy gunz 1 great game by the way.

    P.S.:I REALLY wanna learn how to KS plzz, yes i know im a noob what ever bro i just wanna have fun.

  8. Seriously, K-Style isn’t such a big problem to get rid of.
    Stay in your comfort zone if you never want to learn how to play a different game other than GunZ 1.
    GunZ 1 won’t be around forever.
    And in GunZ 2 they’re making you learn how to aim! Oh!! how terrible!
    also, those network issues
    takes more than a quarter of a millisecond to register
    thats pretty bad
    makes laggy dbf-ers invincible
    How about those hackers? Never been banned by a GM and never seen anyone get banned
    The game guard is a joke
    Can’t wait for gunz 2

  9. I can do every Kstyle move in the game. and ive been playing since Igunz Beta. a “oldgen” if you will. ill try gunz 2… but if theres no hint of uniqueness and no way to improve other then spraying my heart out. ill stop playing.. and ill get the hundreds of pros i know to not play. and theyll get the hundreds of people they know to not play. i can tell you now that if theres no kstyle. gunz 2 will die, just as hackers killed gunz 1. and everyone that says kstyle sucks. hint hint, ur terrible. considering kstyle has been around since kgunz. You have no right to come in the the game and say the way all the pros play is wrong. spray all you want, on COD. because gunz isnt for noobs. its a game made for pro’s, FBS, DHS. PTBF, the time it took me to master what i do, puts all your badness to shame. go hack quests so you can buy tank sets for 40 bucks and still get shit on by me naked w/ a rusty sword.

  10. The lack of K-style is nothing but a blessing. I spent the time I needed mastering the necessities of it and after a while, all I used it for was to maneuver more skillfully than other noobs. It’s a crutch for people who need things like instafall to double shotgun so they can guarantee their kill because they can’t hit a moving target.

    Gunz 2 > Gunz 1

    Refined gameplay > Gay-style

  11. I don´t like this i prefer The 1° gunz in The Second Gunz Don´t have Ks_Style, Monk_Style,Brazilian Style this Gunz is for the NUbs spokeThey said they would renew the gunz improves Ks_Style among others but this sucks

  12. May be gunz 2, want people to fight in e style with physical. The old k/d/…-style in gunz 1 make player only use some flying trick again and a again, make player easy to kill people. In gunz 2 the company want to change the old gunz in to the new physical game fighting face to face with dash shot and slash may be block and fire burn in normal way. I think the main thing is the appear of the new classes. Some class have some different skill that couldn’t perform btf, k/d style. If you want to keep k/d-style you must be lost the three class and it just a old gunz. Sorry for the bad grammar bcuz I from Viet Nam

  13. nobody i ever played against with k-style could beat me so why would you want it so bad to lose worse?

    there were and still are much better glitches in battle then k-style so i don’t see what i big deal is

  14. i am actually very disturbed at the loss of styles, it lowers the skill curve tremendously, there will be almost no differance between a good or bad swordsman. the game will be fun to try, but i cant take it seriously and actually dedicate myself, the styles were the only unique thing gunz had, and it was endlessly fun to try and pracice and learn them all.

    Im sorry but this will just be a cleaner version of the pitiful s4 league.

  15. i played gunz 1 from it started i have seen every change in the making such as BF(k-style),DBF, IS and ect and my personal opinion on it although it was a glitch is that all those things made gunz a unique game. without it it would be a very dry and repetitive wear the best way to get kills would be to KS i mean i want to know what detail in that game really garbed people to keep playing apart from those things …….. and the reason why us kstyle people were sapose ably snoobs by calling people sprayers is bec two people would be haveing a epic duel putting in so much work to do this glitch and one guy in the bk would take is spraying wep and just end one or sometimes both players just by simply clicking a button. it was the fastest pasted game i have ever played. with out kstyle its just a s4 league….
    (it was shotguns that was abused with the kstyle that made it unfair)

    • Yeah the hackers got so annoying when you couldnt get in a game without being room-raped. But the hacker population is down now so thats nice :p but the non english speaking sprayers are still there and annoying as hell with their 400ping lag shields, but what can you do? Lol

  16. Doesnt matter if they take kstyle noobies are gonna be noobies with kstyle or not i bet people that dont know kstyle they still gona suck 🙂

  17. I’m in loove with kstyle, but we will surely invent something new in the first month that the game will be out, and the person inventing the 1st new technique of gunz 2 will be a legend, we all know that.

  18. seriously. Gunz is the only PURE skill game i found since my 10 years of gaming. it took me 2 weeks to learn dbf and 2 years to increase my speed to do tbf. And wtf? MAIET now gonna rip off all my skills and change into a TPS whick is almost the same as FPS. FPS is boring. u just snipe nad spray all day.

  19. eww. i was really excited for this game till i saw the official trailer… HELLO S4 LEAGUE! i spent a year learning k-style, and now theyre gonna anally rape the ONLY TPS that requires some serious practice just for a bigger following? i am extremely disappointed. unless they have some epic new combos to replace k-style, i will not be playing GunZ 2.

  20. can’t wait Maiet to play your BEST Online games ………i am the big FAN of Maiet since 2004….
    Philippines Old Player
    thanks to Maiet Staff your the BEST yeah……
    My Drug’s is GunZ weh

  21. I understand why a company that f** sucks at making video games would result to creating a new one with more guns, sniping, and more realistic combat, to imitate call of duty or battlefield.
    ..But to take something that’s not f*** meant to be turned into a shit game with no strategy and desecrate it with a COD makeover is a punch in the face. Seriously though, this game isn’t Gunz. It’s a f*** modernized piece of shit that’s bound to flop.

    Maiet should’ve learned their lesson when they created Soldier Front. The game was never popular, it f*** sucked, and can I honestly say; what is the point of making a new game, if there is already a million f*** games exactly the same?

    Now, seriously.
    Gunz excelled so deeply because of kstyle. I can safely say that gunz is kstyle, and without it should not even be called gunz; because so many people spilled their hours into learning different moves, perfecting them, and coming to love them, that the game was ratificated into glory. I can stand at a direct perspective as I type this, and tell you that kstyle was never an accident, nor a glitch.
    It was a perfect symphony of interchanging keystrokes that illustrated the beauty of the calloused butterfly, double butterfly, flash step, half step, and uncountable techniques. Every hardened veteran of the original gunz can tell you that it took over a year, most often two, and even more commonly 5, to become so polished and perfected at gunz. And to see this, really is a punch in the face;
    because what so many players toiled and worked so hard on, and loved so much, has become a shitty duplicate in the sea of the same exact games with no defining characteristic of what sets it aside. And without kstyle, without dstyle, without kadachis, I can safely say Gunz 2 is going to be a piece of shit.
    And I don’t know why the f** they would call it gunz. Gunz 2 isn’t even decent enough for such an honor.
    call it army soldier. or soldier fighting. or man-does-barrel-roll-and-sprays-machine-gun.
    NOT F*** GUNZ.

  22. i…. cant …. wait …. more plz god i waited 4 years for it plz make it intenational or make it in all america that will be good plz plz ……. i ….. cant…. wait….. more…… to………….
    plz…. god…… i…. want ….. to….play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. nice . You are a honorable goblin killer. Whats the matter at play gunz with no pvp? Such i said. Who is happy was loser in the game. K-style = dead-> no difference between noob and pro. So cash win. I repeat: WHY ARE YOU HAPPY NOOBS?

  24. So nice I played GunZ but im not so good in pvp or Kstyle so its good the change it so some new players will play and can u recomend it in philippines so many GunZ lover here and sure will be a BIG hit maybe Egames is a good handler of these game

  25. I played Gunz the duel for many years at international (noob sprayer) and BR server doing k-style.
    My position is that:
    I think K-Style give the autonomy to the player of gunz, emphasizing the player’s personal skills not your items, level or things like these.
    I played that game because the possibility to do K-STYLE provides you a REAL skill test against other players.
    There’s so many SKILLED players at gunz, and now i think they’ll be dead. The players called “pro/professional” will not play this game because Gunz The Duel 2 will be JUST ANOTHER GAME where ONLY FULL CASH PLAYERS (skilled or not) WILL BE AT THE TOP.
    If you are happy because K-Style is dead, you should cry because you are just another LOSER who cant do that. And the only way you have to reach the top is your cash and items, not your skills.

  26. Almost EVERY player in GunZ was a hacker, if this game has proven to have a better anti-virus, I can’t wait for it, hope it gets better graphics and less boring though, maps got repetitive sometimes.

  27. Gonna check it out but sure agreed on kstyle was stupid. Had nothing to do with the actual skills of the player – was simple keyboard smashing. I hope the same won’t happen here.

    • What do you mean by “actual skills of the player”? Do you mean run and gun? I don’t see any skill anywhere unless you style. K-Style took the most skill out of anything in the game. I tried D/K-Style which takes a hell of a lot of practice. Seems like you never learned any styles. What game isn’t button smashing? K-Style your pressing 7+ keys per-second all in rhythm to perform an attack. Like Butterfly, Triple Butterfly, Wall Cancel, Slash Shot, Half-Step, Reload Half-Half-Step, Reload Shot, Insta-Fall, Double Half-Step, and so on. Each of those takes a specific key command to perform and you have to do them in an instant. Want me to go on? Go play Gunz and learn those.

      • “K-Style your pressing 7+ keys per-second all in rhythm to perform an attack.”

        Keyboard smashing to abuse a glitch, I rest my case.

        K-style had nothing to do with being pro, because being “pro” is subjective. In fact, according to hard evidence, a “pro” is someone that can beat someone who is glitching. A common thing I saw with people who still play the legitimate way.

        • I agree I played Gunz for 3 years and never had to k-style once to be good In fact was kicked from countless amounts of games because I could beat the ones who did use it and they got butt hurt cause of it see he thing is you got the pros then you got k-style

        • You have got to be kidding me.
          ‘keyboard smashing to abuse a glitch ..’
          How can you play gunz seriously, if you were probably another f*** noob spraying their machine gun everywhere because they had some kind of delusion that they were good?

          First of all;
          it wasn’t a glitch. the definition of a glitch is something that impedes gameplay, as in a minor mishap in coding that could result in someone getting stuck in a texture or falling through the floor.

          Now, can you tell me what kstyle is?
          no, because you’re a noob.
          There was no glitch, whatsoever, in the elegance of it. If it was even considered the slightest glitch, I can assure you that Maiet would have it put out before it caught fire.

          And ‘keyboard smashing’.
          Do you know how long it takes, to perfect a f** butterfly, double butterfly, or even a triple butterfly?
          How about a flash step?
          If you honestly, honestly, HONESTLY, think that it’s considered a mix of unintentionally hit keys, then I really know you don’t know the answer to any of these questions.

          It took me three years of playing gunz to safely say I was ‘professional’. And even then, I wasn’t at the top of my class. So even with just a mediocre amount of experience at the game, I can tell you with calloused knowledge that there is a schism between noob and pro on gunz.
          noob being, well, you,
          and pro being those that could ‘keyboard smash’;
          keyboard smash, as in,
          being able to press 7 keys perfectly in one second to fabricate a flawless technique to create a better advantage over your foe, and ultimately winning a game.

          and if you truly think that pressing w, a, s, or d twice, and holding down the left mouse click is ‘PRO’, then please come 1v1 me. you’ll be dead in no time.

          • I agree. In the matter of fact, if it was a glitch, MAIET WOULD HAVE ACKNOWLEDGED THAT AND STOPPED IT. Yeah, I was good with K-Style but I didn’t abuse it on people who actually just happened to start the game, I use it on other people who learned K-Style or J-Style and Dragon’s Gate and etc AND noobs who claim to be bro because they just spray in random directions seeing after images and getting all f**** excited when they get a single kill. And wtf? Button mashing? Are you ****ing serious? Can your idiot minds comprehend how hard it is to do the finger coordination to actually even half-step or double butterfly? Obviously, you do. But you never actually learned and your complainimh because people can do it better then you. Now stop whining like a little baby and get in the game.

          • Bottom Line
            Gunz was meant to be played to have fun and for enjoyment for people of 8 and up (i think 8 and up) but now u have to be a no life try hard that it is willing to break keyboards, and spend countless hours learning how to “Half-shot” or “Insta-Fall”. u cant just make noob accounts and play with ppl who “spray” , someone in that room knows how to K-style for sure. So now no newbies nor Veteren players like me can have fun cuase were to busy getting sliced 5 times in 1.5 seconds then blasted with a shotgun. i can barely even double butterfly and im not trying any harder to move up to triple cuase at that point my fingers hurt and its not worth it.

            P.S K-style is a combinations of slices and shots that make animation glitches (Slash shot is a perfect example) when preformed, therefore K-style is a glitch.


          • uhhhg

            it’s a glitch in the cancelling of an animation
            when you slash in the air, you’re not supposed to do anything until it’s finished
            fixing is alot more difficult if you have NO IDEA how to make a game
            trying to fix the glitch you have to reconstruct how the models animate

            and edit part of the engine,
            adding timers to the animations is a big pain in the butt
            then there is updating which will probably take alot longer than adding a new weapon
            GunZ 2 will do you people some good because bunny hopping around your whole life doesnt make you cool, having the ability to aim does
            like a revolver, no one uses those and i kill lots of people with them

        • It just isn’t “GunZ” without k-Style. People seem sour because they either can’t learn k-style or don’t require the skill to do it.
          I don’t understand how you can even slightly consider it “keyboard mashing”. It’s timed to perfection and becomes an art.

          Of course there are egotistical assholes who talk shit all the time; be an adult and ignore them.

          They should have called it an entirely new name like GunZ: Genesis or something like that rather than GunZ 2 – as even though it was initially a “glitch”(it was implemented on purpose without Maiet knowing the full implications) it IS what made the game what it is today.


    Sorry, all that fancy slash-moving was no more than glitch abuse, I’ll be more than happy to see it go. Also more PvE? Yes please!

    • Another one who failed at trying k-style on gunz ^^.

      You only think it’s glitch ect because you can’t do it but it’s just a lack of playing or training.
      Bbefore saying glitch you know what it is? the k-style isn’t based on glitch ect it’s for most of them a combo of mouvement and attack timed.
      (Expl, the base technic : jump – dash – slash. Once you know how to do it without problem and in any direction ect you can do bf ect)

      But yeah sad thing is it’s bit overused by those who know how to use them and can ruin a new player experience ^^”

      But yeah i don’t think k-style will be gone (K-style is a list of technic created by player, not by the game creator even if they do some change from what i’ve saw in the video it do not much change from the gunz 1

      • yeah… flying around the map was sooooo legit =p

        And actually, it was a glitch.. thus why they acknowledged that it was not intended and that it will not be in the second game.

        But seeing as how you were such a “pro” at the first game, it shouldn’t matter that its gone in the second =)

        • K-style was alot of fun, new players must get past the wall of “noobness” and will have to live through the hardship at sucking at gunz becaus ethey dont know k-style… But once u learn how to k-style fight, gunz is theeee funnest game ever!!

        • kstyle is what kept players like me interested, near enough every player above level 20 was using kstyle imagine if it didn’t exist it would be nothing more than a fast-paced shooter, all we’re going to see now in gunz 2 is heavies walking around with gatling guns killing players with swords in seconds, how fun is that!

          p.s: to the devs atleast make a game type with kstyle.

        • I think that at least they should make a K-Style mode apart of other games so that only those who know how to use it would play it. K style was my reason for playing GunZ, and I only liked to play Gladiator because of it.

      • The only people that used K-style were elitist snobs that always wanted their way. It was sickening to see legit players be kicked because they were good without abusing the glitches. When I started seeing K-stylers get on their soap box about “spraying” when an assault rifle was a TON more accurate than shotguns, I stopped K-style altogether. The fact is that it was a fun glitch to mess around with, but only with friends. It’s a technique that was fun until it was so obscenely abused that the people who used it became elitist jerks. Even though I was really good at k-style, I’ll gladly give it up if it means those kids won’t be playing.

        • K-stylers were not elitist snobs, those are called Egos. If i came across someone who didnt know KS i would help teach them if they wanted to learn.


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