True to his word, Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley today spilled the beans on H1Z1’s early access date and other sundry details. He did so via the H1Z1 subreddit, a.k.a. SOE’s “other” official website. The date: January 15, 2015.

While Smedley said that the game took longer than anticipated because of the dev team’s desire to get it as polished as possible, he stressed that it would still be an early access, with all that entails:

It’s everything Early Access should be – a fun and compelling game that isn’t finished. Our goal is to have you help us finish it and have it be a game we can build a large community in over time.

There will be two packages sold at the early access launch: a $19.99 “basic” deal that gets you into the game and a more expensive package that gives you access to different game mode servers and other to-be-announced perks.

A live Q&A with the dev team is planned for 3:30 PST (6:30 EST) on the official H1Z1 channel, and we’ll update this post with any major details.

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  1. I really like surrvival games but im getting sick of zombies, there are many other ways to roll up a survival game but allmost everyone goes with the zombie train, because of walking dead? or because dayz was so hyped once? i dont know but this looks kinda promissing for me so i will try it when it comes out. But free to play, because im not that hyped for another not finished zombie game, i have played too much of those allready.

    • Totally agree with you on the zombie thing. I would love to see a survival game do other things.

      I think the bottom line is that zombie games are proven to sell pretty well and a lot of developers don’t want to take the risk with trying something new.

  2. It will be Free To Play in the end when early access ends so, can’t hurt to try it out. It has peaked my curiosity. I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead and Romero movies, etc. Although I don’t prefer Sandboxes. I mainly play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I guess time will tell.

  3. They really should have stuck with PlanetSide2 rather than trying to make a zombie game that appears to fit right in with the rest of the clone wars zombie games that have been coming out for some times now. H1Z1 will sounds like a big cash grab and whatever happens after that they already made their money so whatever.

    • Planetside 2 is a good game but, it’s not for everyone. For some dumb reason, I keep shooting people on my team and I don’t mean too lol but, the game is made that way. It has isseues but, I think, H1Z1 might do pretty good due to the success of The Walking Dead, and(****SPOILERS****) Beth’s untimely demise. I just MIGHT drop 19.99$ for early access. I love to throw input in alphas and betas. i have never done one for SOE so, we’ll see how well they listen to us. Either way, it will be free in the end, just like Planetside 2. Can’t hurt to try right?

      • Planetside2 was not a game for me either but I really taught it was a good game. What I liked a lot about it was how they take care of their game unlike a lot of other game publishers and devs.
        I love zombie games and if they put as much effort into this game as they did for the ps2 I will definetly be into it.

  4. “There will be two packages sold at the early access launch: a $19.99 “basic” deal that gets you into the game and a more expensive package that gives you access to different game mode servers and other to-be-announced perks.”

    What is this cash grab about?

    • every game is a CASH GRAB. why else do you think they make games? to grab your cash, whether in small or large amounts. period.

      as long as the game works and delivers what it promises not sure you can call it anything other than a purchase option. seriously.

      • That’s just it, this early access. Calling it a “purchase option” is extremely foolish and naive consumerism. Early access is not a pre-order service. You buy into the game as-is so that you can test the game, provide feedback, and receive the final product IF AND WHEN it is finished. They are under no legal obligation to deliver what they promise. Absolutely none whatsoever. They can abandon development at any point, slap “1.0” on the game, and the customers that bought it with the expectation of the game being completed will be shit outta luck. It’s a system that has already been abused and poisoned countless times by all sorts of unscrupulous and irresponsible companies.

        • well if you know what it is how is it naïve? lol. that’s a two way street. in the end it is a purchase option is it not? do you have to buy it during EA if you are so freaking worried about it being dropped or not finished? not last I checked. ive seen this ‘countless times’ claim by many, and a handful doesn’t = countless in case you didn’t know. ive never once had an EA game not be finished or abandoned half way through and ive bought many. I follow them pretty regularly. has it been done? yes. but no where near the amount that justifies the term ‘countless’.

          now lets move on the odds of SOE being unscrupulous and irresponsible. wtf do you think the odds of that happening are? besides EQNext on the horizon SOE is making a big push in f2p gaming. doing anything ‘unscrupulous and irresponsible’ would most likely be an instant death sentence to that don’t you think? and again, you still don’t have to buy it if you are so worried, just wait till its finished.

          so you tried to turn a comment on ‘cash grab’ into an anti early access debate. go to Steam, ill meet you there and I PROMISE my list of successful well developed games will most likely be 10x the list of your ‘countless times’.

          so again, as long as they deliver a game with what they say it will do and it works it isn’t a cash grab despite all of your reservations and dislike for EA.


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