Planet Calypso — the free-to-play MMORPG/FPS where players who know what they’re doing can make money — is celebrating Halloween with Mayhem.

In this year’s Mayhem event, players will fight their way through masses of the undead. The event is centered around a graveyard complete with creepy creatures and two scary bosses. Players will want to kill all the creatures they can on the way to those bosses as they will drop a variety of pumpkins that can be applied toward prizes.

In addition to the prizes players can earn with pumpkins, MindArk has also added a few Halloween-specific items to the Webshop. Players can purchase Limited Edition Halloween Strongboxes filled with Halloween clothing, a special Halloween Ring, and more.

More information on the event can be found at PlanetCalypso.com.

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  1. I loved Entropia Universe (the actual name of “Planet Calypso”), but it’s just so expensive to be effective in. For $20 you get 200 PED, which will buy you a good low rank weapon that you can’t repair, a set of cheap armor, and enough ammo to go hunting for a few hours. If you don’t at least break even on that hunting trip, you’re screwed. 200 PED might also be enough for a cheap vehicle and some fuel, depending on prices. The point is, the game can be played 1 of 2 ways. Either like a business, or like a casino. You have to risk money to get money, and that doesn’t always work out well. There’s only 1 way to get “free” money in the game, and that is to pull sweat from creatures, and sell 1,000 sweat for around 2 PED (1/5 American Dollar). To get 1,000 sweat takes about 4 hours. Other than the cash sink, it is an extremely fun game.


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