Hearthstone is fun and easy to play, but man, it sure would be a whole lot easier if I didn’t have to, you know, touch things. Like my mouse. I mean, I haven’t cleaned it in years

Fortunately, one man’s got the answer. Streamer and YouTuber Billyisms has engineered a way to play Hearthstone entirely with voice commands, and it’s something to watch. He promises to put a tutorial up on his forum soon that will teach others how to set it up, which could be of benefit not only to germophobes but also to people with disabilities. Or the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

My only question regarding his system — which you can see him demonstrate on his Twitch channel when he streams — is why he needs to specify card position, like “Play card three of five.” Wouldn’t “Play card three” work just as well and save him a little time? In any case, it’s an outstanding system he’s got set up. Let them come!

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  1. Heh this isn’t new but those damn companies never do anything that isn’t 99.9% guarantees buck in their coffers, perhaps this will convince them and they will start pumping more of the usual trash games but with this feature included now? we’ll see. xD

  2. O M G, someone must hire this guy asap and shower him with money. response time needs to improve just a little bit. nearly every round he almost runs out of time. BUT HOLY F***WTFBBQ THIS IS GENIUS.

  3. Regarding your question about his system when playing cards. Here’s my educational guess.

    The program is scripted to click on a certain coordinate on his view. However, you cannot just say “Play Card 3”, because the coordinate for card 3 is different when you have 4 cards in your hand compared to 6 cards in your hand. Same goes for your cards and the enemies cards that are in play on the field. “Minion 1” could be anywhere on the field. It could be in the middle, or to the far left. So when he says “Card 1 out of 4”, it is applying it’s own specific coordinate.

    Hope that helps.


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