It’s that time of the week again, only this time we have more than just the latest freebie game on the Epic Games Store to tell you about. There’s also some free Smite stuff available through the EGS and a free Steam copy of a Rebellion game to pick up.

Starting with the Epic Games Store offerings we have the weekly free game — NExT Studios’ “Final Destination”-inspired puzzle game Death Coming. The idea is pretty simple, the player takes on a god role and helps Death with his soul-harvesting duties. It’s a sandbox-y game and allows for different methods of dispatching the poor little humans. Players can get as creative as they like, using available objects, setting up “accidents”, and more. This isn’t one of the pricier games out there, but grabbing it today will save you $7.

While we’re talking about the EGS, we’ll also let you know that if you’re a Smite player, or interested in getting into the game, you may want to snag the Epic Starter bundle for free while it’s available. The pack includes five playable gods and their voice packs. The gods included are Thanatos, Anubis, Sun-Wukong, Cupid, and Cerberus. Each god also comes with an exclusive skin. We’re not positive on the end-date for this offering so you might want to go ahead and grab it.

Finally, Rebellion is giving away free Steam copies of Evil Genius in celebration of the game’s upcoming sequel. The process is a little convoluted as the giveaway isn’t directly through Steam. Rather, you’ll need to go to the Rebellion site, create an account there and link it to your Steam account. If you’d rather skip that (It’s really not that difficult but we know how some folks are about all this multiple account business) the game can be purchased direct from Steam for $10.



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