According to a blog post on the Hawken site Adhesive Games announced that its 3D multiplayer mech combat game Hawken will be made available for free on December 12, 2012. Developer Adhesive Games also announced that beta testing signups are now open.

There are no details on how the free-to-play model will work, but on their FAQ they mention that “there will be in game purchases that will allow greater customization and more weapon variety.”

Hawken is a fast-paced 3D multiplayer FPS mech game that captures the feeling of piloting a heavy war machine.

Sign up for the beta over at


  1. F2P is starting to kick some serious amount of P2P a$$. Its obituary is already half written but one more game like this on the side of F2P and P2P will flatline.

  2. I am going to play this as soon as it comes out and or I get into the beta, this…. wow just… it’s the mech game I think everyone has been waiting for forever.

    This is probably going to be one of the best games out there, I can imagine the servers crashing due to over load, also I can imagine the names people will pick on here lol.

    • hey if anyone hears when beta testing is ready please post it, im already signeded up for it tho, u think they’ll e-mal me when its ready?

  3. WOOOOOOW really unexpected, I was looking foward for this one, ready to pay whatever it whould cost, and now that! Makes it even bettah!


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