The latest patch for Hearthstone contains a few interesting bits about possible future content, if you know where to look.

According to Hearthpwn, Intrepid dataminers have uncovered info on three new card backs, titled Molten Core, Ragnaros, and Golden Celebration, though no images are currently present in the game client. The Molten Core card back seems to be tied to “brm presale,” which likely refers to Blackrock Mountain, the zone in World of Warcraft where the Molten Core can be found. The Ragnaros card back comes from ranked season play, while Golden Celebration seems to be tied to a license, possibly from another Blizzard game.

With no solid news on new content since December’s Goblins & Gnomes, it seems likely that Blizzard might have something to announce about Hearthstone at PAX East next month. Will Blackrock Mountain be an adventure set like last year’s Curse of Naxxramas? I’d almost be willing to bet a golden legendary on it.

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  1. Come on, really? Card games all come down to who has the better draw. At the end of the day, it comes down to who makes more missteps during a game. True, some decks are better than others, but even the greatest of decks can fall if played by an incompetent or inattentive player with less popular or unused cards & techniques. And anyway, there is little room to get specific cards outside of dust, which even paying can be hard to obtain. Unless you are willing to throw hundreds of dollars at it, which I think is absurd, it’s not really pay to win.


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