Blizzard has revealed the new Core Set for Hearthstone in its entirety, comprising all 235 cards that will be offered for free to all players when the Year of the Gryphon kicks off. You can view it here, and while most cards are unchanged from their previous versions, there are a few interesting changes.

One of the more notable changes is the dragon Nozdormu, who used to make turns last only 15 seconds when it was on the field. The new version now has a Start of Game effect that requires the card to be in both players’ decks and makes all turns throughout the game 15 seconds long. As Blizzard’s Nikki “Gazelle” Crenshaw pointed out on Twitter, Nozdormu was the card they “received the most accessibility feedback about – putting tight time limitations on turns made the game unnecessarily difficult for some players.” Other legendary dragons, such as Alexstrasza, Malygos, Onyxia, Ysera, and Deathwing, also get new versions that have powers in the same vein as, but different from, their original versions.

Lord Jaraxxus is also getting a makeover which puts him more in line with other “hero replacement” cards like Death Knights and Hagatha. He still costs nine mana, equips a 3/8 weapon, and lets you summon 6/6 Infernals with your hero power. However, he simply grants five armor, instead of setting your health to 15, which should increase his versatility.

What else? The Mage class loses Pyroblast but gets +1 damage (to five) on Flamestrike; Rogue’s Assassinate only costs four mana; Hunter loses the venerable combo of Starving Buzzard and Unleash the Hounds (play Classic for that); and Shaman’s Fire Elemental’s Battlecry damage gets bumped up from three to four. There’s plenty more to explore in the new core set, so have a look at it for yourself to see what’s changed!

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