Hearthstone‘s Forbidden Library is a three-week event that starts today and runs until Sept. 29 that further explores the shenanigans going on underneath Scholomance Academy under the auspices of Headmaster Kel’thuzad. We’re not sure if Blizzard planned to start the event a day after Labor Day, when kids generally go back to school (well, in a normal year) or if it the schedule just worked out that way, but it seems like good timing nonetheless.

The first week’s event, which starts today, sees three of Scholomance’s instructors as selectable heroes in Battlegrounds. In addition, you can form a party for Battlegrounds, grouping with up to seven friends. Week two unveils the Book of Heroes, a new solo experience that tells a story from the lives of each of Hearthstone’s 10 base heroes, starting with Jaina Proudmoore, and Week three brings the Heroic Brawliseum, a competitive Tavern Brawl. Only the third week’s event is for a limited time; the others will still be available after the 29th.

In addition to all the new content, today’s patch also makes changes to several cards in both Battlegrounds and the base game. You can read the summary of the new events here and the long version of the patch notes here.

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