Heavy Metal Machines‘ newest season pass — pardon, Metal Pass — is now present in the game, offering the usual bounty of bonus loot with a beat-the-heat summertime theme.

Titled “Rockaway Beach,” the Season 5 pass brings 100 new rewards, including a new Metal God Arena with thematic visuals, new vehicles, and emotes, which are new to the game. Free players still get 47 rewards for progressing through the season’s content, which isn’t too bad of a deal in and of itself.

Also being added to the game in today’s update is a new character, Vulture, who rides a motorcycle, setting him apart from the four-wheeled death machines of his competitors. Oh, and he also “has now transformed into a Golem so that he may cheat death and stay in the hunt for all eternity.” I guess he doesn’t have to worry about his 401(k), then.

If you’re of a competitive mood, prepare yourself for the fifth season of the Metal League, which kicks off one month from today, Aug. 10. For more on that and today’s update, visit the Heavy Metal Machines site.


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