ACONY announced the official premiere of an exciting new gameplay trailer for the upcoming First Person Shooter Hedone. In the video John J. Lazar presents the deadly TV Show Hedone with all of its action-packed features to the public for the first time. Hedone combines fast paced shooter action with great customization tools and a interesting background story.

The closed beta servers will be open 24/7, starting from 6pm on the 23rd of December until 2 am on the 5th of January in order to give everybody a chance to experience the mayhem that is Hedone. To up the ante even further, all contestants will receive a Christmas bonus of double cash rewards for shows – so, whether you’ve been naughty or nice you’ll be able to treat yourself this year.

Visit for more news and information on the game and to apply for closed beta.


  1. This game sucks. It looks like 50 people were in closed beta. Whenever I wanted to play, it was 2vs2 matches, 3vs3 were “wow, it’s crowded here”. On some levels background sounds (machinery, mechanical sounds) are so fcking annoying that you can’t concentrate on the game at all. Gameplay feels more sluggish and laggish than you would expect. Maps are good and interesting, gameplay just sucks. Also, if you end up in a match against people who are high level and have all gadgets and stuff, you’ll be chopped off easily.

  2. Played it, Sucks that in the US server they never fill more than one 20 man room.

    Even then there’s only ever like 6-10 people on and they’re all the same.

    • Wow, it’s a closed beta. How many people do you expect to be online?
      Not everyone around the world can play as well because of the strict time zones allocated for the testing. I mean you won’t wake up at 4am in the morning just so you can play a game. Or not sleep for a few days. People who have lives don’t do that anyway. Unlike another closed beta game; black light retribution, it dosen’t go : “Closed beta testing 3 will commence on December 2nd and go on for 2 weeks”.

      • meaning it sucks, There’s not enough interest in the game to even open more play days.

        It’s not that they wont open in for more days, it’s that they can’t due to complete lack of interest.

  3. Game looks great, sounds great and the story is awesome, would be cool for others to actually get to view live footage of others playing, besides Ustream and Fraps.


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