Continuing in their Bob’s Burgers-eque trend of re-re-re-launching, T3Entertainment officially launched Hellgate London on Steam yesterday. The big news — for our site, anyway — is that the game is not free-to-play, so we won’t be covering it on the site after this.

Also of note is that the current release of the game does not include the Tokyo content, despite the Steam version actually having it. According to the developers, there’s currently an internal problem that is preventing them from releasing that portion of the content, but when it does come out it will be free to players.

In the meantime, players can pick up the game for under $10 thanks to a 25% discount.

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  1. This is a bad move by t3fun and hanbit to relaunch the single player version of the game, what they should have done was relaunch Mythos Online, one of the best d2 arpg clones ever created.

    Its not like Mythos would fail its only competition right now is PoE….lol

  2. And more important: It is single player, so why cover it anyway.

    Point people to London 2038 mod and be done with that s**t t3 is pulling


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