Well, this is a bit of a surprise. Remember Hellgate: London? That game that Flagship Studios released in 2007, and it lasted for about two years before being shut down and bought by HanbitSoft so they could rework it for Korea?

Well, it seems it’s back… kinda. A mobile version of the game titled Hellgate: London FPS was released last week on Google Play. They didn’t really advertise it — except on their Facebook page it seems.

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  1. Really? REALLY?? REALLY??

    WHY GOD WHY???

    I loved this game.. I played the sh*t out of it when it was a SP game, played the sh*t out of it when it turned into an MMO..

    And now this happens??

  2. This game had style, too bad it was insanely underadvertised and the servers had a base latency of 3-400ms. But mobile FPS games are even enjoyable? I can’t even see, how can this work out…

  3. Ok then.. this caught me off guard, but hey i’ll play it again for the sake of nostalgia. Hopefully they don’t mess it up too much.

    • Welp, if you like rail shooters you might like this. Kinda weird direction to take with the series. Just a cheap cash grab on a known game.

  4. OK soooo HanbitON shuts down the PC version (Probably the best original concept MMO on the market that needed some atention and some investment)…………. but rather investet in a Mobile version OKAAAAAAY………. “cough” RETARDS! “cough”


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