Today, Mad World developer Jandisoft is offering players a peek at the game’s Raid and PvP content. The game’s developer released three videos showing a Field Raid, a Boss Raid, and a PvP battle zone.

It’s important to keep in mind while viewing these that the videos are of tests rather than the promotional content we’re generally used to. This means that whatever you see here has a chance of changing before you get to play it. Still, it all looks pretty good so far.

If you’d like to find out more about Mad World, you can do so on the official site.

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    • It’s because modern MMORPGs are all theme-parks and essentially singleplayer games. Devoid of interactions, devoid of actual choices, devoid of challenge.

      • I played Lineage 2 Classic recently and I must say the grinding there is too hardcore. There are 1-2 classes that can solo, but the rest need to be in a party. And the quests cut off really early and you just have to grind, which I don’t feel like doing.

        So Lineage 2 didn’t have it all perfect, I must say that Vanilla WoW did it best.

        • The only thing I could give WoW credit for are the raidboss’s nothing else.

          I can’t speak for Lineage 2 official servers because I only played on private servers in the past.

          What Lineage 2 did best was those in between moments, one day you could be grinding out and then the next you could be pvping over a spot. And if you were lucky enough you could pick up somebodies dropped gear.

          Just sounds to me Lineage 2 would have not been your game, private or official.


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