Did you always want to be a spandex-clad defender of justice with an oversized head? Or perhaps a dastardly villain out to get your due, also with an oversized head? Well now you can! The newest addition to Artix Entertainment’s ever growing list of games promises to dazzle, I say dazzle with such features as:

– On-going releases!
– Cooperative Multiplayer with Real time combat
– Cutscenes
– Highly customizable characters
– Mix-and-match super Power Skill System
– Secret Identities (Coming soon)
– Home & secret pathway to your Secret Lair (Coming Soon)
– Player vs Player combat (Optional & Coming soon)

The publishers behind Hero Smash are none other then the acclaimed Artix Entertainment known for such games as Adventure Quest World, Mech Quest and Dragon Fable to name a few. Hero Smash being their seventh project. When a game such as this comes from a company with such long history and standing it’s expected to perform very well, find out if it will indeed on April 28th when the official open beta starts.

Those of you that have upgraded any Artix game (AQworlds, DragonFable, MechQuest, EpicDuel, and the original AdventureQuest) can start playing instantly as the third alpha phase being held right this moment is open to upgraded members to test their giant headed avatars in the ever going struggle between good and not so good. So put on your underwear on the outside and go fight for justice or alternately put them on your head and go fight justice! Just put them where you want and go fight something!

This lighthearted parody of the incresingly growing superhero game genre is playable directly from your browser as the game uses flash technology to run.

For more information about Hero Smash, please visit http://www.herosmash.com

By Nox


  1. Since all these reviews was from 2011 I thought to give a current update about this game. All I gotta say this games dead. Less then 100 people play this game they even ended the membership service. I really wonder why they keep this game online in my opinion they should shut it down they would be saving money for other projects that aren’t for the outdated flash based software games they have.

    • Just wanted to update 1 thing saying I just realized this wasn’t the review page haha. But yeah everything I said a few months ago is pretty much true.

  2. What?
    But someone said me open beta require to pay at least one dollar at any BattleOn game…
    Is it fully free on beta?

  3. Don’t you mean Artix Entertainment? That’s what it says on their website…but weren’t they also called BattleOn at one time?

    • I said Artix Entertainment, didn’t see a point to add Entertainment twice.
      And BattleOn is their gaming portal, not the name of the company.

      “BattleOn Games is a website in which players may sign up for a “master account” across all AE games that allows them to upgrade their accounts at once with out having to go the different websites to upgrade them. It has also been designed for making new minigames that use the master account.”


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