Those who can, fly. Those who can’t … well, sometimes they try flying too, often with hilarious results. If you’re one of those types, but you still want to soar above the battlefield raining down machine-gun fire, then Heroes & Generals’ new update has you covered.

The “Ihlefeld — Warbirds and Tail gunners” update adds a new reconnaissance plane for each nation, and each comes equipped with a seat for the pilot and one for a tail gunner. You can deploy directly to a friendly plane (or tank) and enjoy the thrill of pew pew without having to worry about navigation.

Also, Reto-Moto has translated the game into Turkish, for all you players in Istanbul and the surrounding area. But the most important change, as detailed in the patch notes, is clearly “Readded missing bikes to Village Skirmish.” RING RING!

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