Heroes Generals Hacksaw Ridge

Like WW2 movies and video games? Now you can get both, in a cross-promotion between Reto-Moto and Lionsgate.

For a limited time, Steam customers can purchase a bundle containing a digital copy of Lionsgate’s Academy Award-nominated Hacksaw Ridge and some goodies from Heroes & Generals. The H&G part of the package includes a 14-day Veteran Membership, a Medkit, and five Medic Ribbon Boosters.

The full bundle is only available U.S. residents for a price of $21.93, a 28% discount off its normal $30.27 price. Non-U.S. customers can still buy the Medkit and Ribbon DLCs for $2.99.

You can watch the movie and take advantage of the H&G Veteran Membership immediately, but the in-game items won’t be available until March 21. The bundle itself will only be on sale until March 14. For full details on the promotion, check out the blog post on the Heroes & Generals Steam page.

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  1. after players kept asking for a actual medic class for 4 years they decided to wait with it till a movie comes along to “inspire ” them , but not in the form of a actual medic class but medikits everyone can carry in a limited amount. In theory medics would have been great a long while ago , right now they have absolutely no use as even the starter guns will kill you in 2 shots or 0,15 seconds – the only time you’ll ever find a use for the medkits is if you somehow manage to escape the grenade spam carpet bombing they also promote by suggesting new players to throw 4 grenades at everything with 2 hp left . In the proud tradition of charging 20 bucks for a rank 0 soldier reto tries to make you pre order a packet that has no use in game .


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