Grand Theft Auto it ain’t, but Heroes & Generals does have a lot of vehicles for soldiers to drive. Today, those rides are getting pimped with a host of new mechanics in what Reto-Moto is calling its “Biggest Update Ever.”

Update 1.12 is titled “Deploy! Drive! Destroy!” and rebalances the 70+ vehicles in the game in a variety of ways. The deployment system has been simplified for vehicles, which handle better than ever before, whether you’re trundling through the countryside in a tank or cruising around in a motorcycle — though watch out for the new terrain system, which can bog things down. When going up against a vehicle, a new armor and damage system and the ability to cripple a vehicle by damaging components makes targeting that much more important.

Learn about Heroes & Generals updated vehicles and the rest of the changes in this patch on the Heroes & Generals website.

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  1. Its pay to win and very boring game, you can sit in bushes whole gameplay and kill everyone, but if you dont and run around you will be killed from snipers who know this cheat.


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