Gunplay is crucial to any FPS, and Reto-Moto is taking steps to tighten up that aspect of Heroes & Generals. Today’s Update 1.17.1 introduces a new conefire system that’s meant to make spray patterns more predictable for a number of the game’s firearms. Unsurprisingly, running and being out of stamina will have an effect on how much your sights sway, and each weapon now has a unique displacement of its aim based on its recoil. In addition, about two dozen weapons have received various changes to their ironsights, which are detailed here.

Along with the gun changes, soldiers will find it easier to brake their planes when trying to land, and there have been a number of map and terrain fixes for things like “buried and floating objects,” “spawn points were blocked by boulders,” and “trenches partially covered by dirt.” It’d be a shame to get dirty while lying down in a trench ducking enemy fire.

You can read the blog post for this minor update — hey, that’s their words, not ours! — on the Heroes & Generals site.

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