The new update for Heroes & Generals sees soldiers strutting down a runway while wearing the latest fashions — wait, it’s Xylander, not Zoolander? Sorry, easy mistake to make.

Start over: The Xylander update for Heroes & Generals gives the Soviet army the AVS-36 automatic rifle, akin to the ones given to the Americans and Germans in the last update. There’s a little behind-the-scenes tweaking going on as well, to ensure that War Battles, which are set up by player generals and can be unbalanced, are a little less unbalanced, with the unbalanced battles being auto-resolved. There are also extra bonuses to XP for players participating in War Battles and base salary is dependent on how long you play, rather than for just showing up for a few seconds.

Toss in a few weapon skins and camouflage uniforms, and you can make your soldier look totally fabulous. You can read the full list of changes here.

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  1. i enjoyed this game back in the days.. reason i quit playing, was that every battle i got into, it was me, and 5 others with our trustworthy rifles against fckin german heavy tanks just waiting at our spawn to pwn is. game was really unbalanced. is this still the case, or did they fix this aswell?

  2. its not F2P, its RYATP – r a p e – y o u r – a s s – to play, which means u have to do <this every time to buy new weapon, or even 1 peace custom part like scope or smth……………………….or u have to pay some cash and have fun, i'm not going to RMA for that shi tty game, so f u c k – developers of this crap, if i want to pay some cash i will play bat tle fi eld 4, not this poo

    • I agree in some parts, its true that it does may take a while to get new weapons but that is just because you were probably low lv. Later in game to get new weapons is much easier due to getting more salary because you have a better rank.

      Ps. In other to get new weapons (better) you got to play the game !! is their way of balancing the game and making sure players who are rank one wont get them.

      War is only for the strong !

      • Giving better gear to veteran players and wallet warriors is not how you balance a game. It’s a good way to chase away prospective new players and ensure your community will implode though.
        See also: Ghost Recon Phantoms

  3. By the way, the salary before the update was never gained by “showing up for a few seconds”, you had to be in the battle for half the battle or 10 minutes; the update just allows you actually get money based how time and you can actually get more than before for being in lengthy battles and destroying stuff.
    “You finally feel like you are getting paid for your service.”


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