Developer S2 Games is joining the growing free-to-play trend with its DotA-esque Heroes of Newerth, operating under a new model designed to both expand the HoN community and enhance the game play for its existing dedicated fan base. The game mechanics and style of play will remain intact; however, existing player accounts and new accounts will be separated to create a smooth transition as novice players enter the game.

The Heroes of Newerth model will feature three account types: Basic – The standard, free account new players will receive upon sign up. Verified – Basic accounts that have been upgraded through a show of commitment to their account, by either purchasing Goblin Coins or surpassing a certain threshold of play time. And Legacy – Paid user accounts that existed prior to the free-to-play model. These accounts receive a lifetime of free access to all HoN heroes and are able to play in Verified Only games, to ensure that experts and beginners are separated. Legacy accounts can no longer be purchased.

Basic and Verified accounts will have access to a rotating pool of 15 free heroes while Legacy accounts will have free, permanent access to all heroes after a short waiting period as initial access to a newly released hero is limited. Basic and Verified accounts can choose to purchase a new hero upon release, which permanently adds it to their personal pool of heroes. Legacy accounts may choose to purchase early access to the hero at that time before it is released to them for free.

To ensure that all HoN players have a positive gameplay experience, each account type will have a different level of access to the matchmaking system. Players with Basic accounts are only eligible to participate in one mode of matchmaking which assigns them to All Pick games. Verified and Legacy accounts are eligible to queue up in matchmaking for Verified Only games allowing them to play in higher quality games with more experienced players. This system creates a level playing field so Legacy and Verified players can be confident the matches they participate in will be high quality games.

To learn more about HoN or to create an account and download the game, visit


    • I agree to a point. Wc3’s DOTA and DOTA ALLSTARS were fantastic maps. But in the end, I have to say I love the graphical upgrades (Easier to see such things), engine upgrades (How many times in DOTA would you see clockwerk use his cogs and get trapped out of his own cogs? Seriously) and stat tracking and reconnect feature. HoN brings so much to DOTA that DOTA really could use a lot, yet doesn’t break the core gameplay.

      Saying Warcraft 3 > HoN is silly. It’s the original, yes. S2 took the idea and made their own game out of it, yes. But in the end, they are improving on an age old concept in good ways.

  1. awesome game. I bought it 1st day. Try it out. Like Zeke said difference between skilled players and not is huge, you’ll see for yourselves.

    • I don’t think so, they will get even huger playerbase and will improve everything in their game + the upcoming release of DotA 2 is threatening every P2P or B2P MOBA game

  2. After playing HoN since beta in october 2009 I can tell you how amazing this game can be, and the potential it has. It is similar to it’s counterpart League of Legends, but offers less persistent abilities/bonuses that go into each game to make you unique. That being said, just like LoL every hero is unique and adaptable and playable in their own way. Skill is rewarded and no game altering changes can any one person bring to the game at the start of the match (like passive bonuses). Skill is rewarded. Not saying LoL it doesn’t feel the same, but this game is much less forgiving and the gap between the skilled and the unskilled is very large in comparison to LoL.

    Hope you all give it a try as it is F2P now and you will have a large selection of heroes 🙂

  3. The graphics look great but I hate playing games with that sort of view angle. It’s hard for me to get into a game if I’m looking at the action from above like that. 🙁

    • ^_^ Trust me, it isnt too diffucult ^_^ Play League of Legends. 🙂 The game is in the angle and It sucks u right in :DD


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