The developers of the free-to-play card game, Hex: Shards of Fate, have dropped a sneak preview of the upcoming Fort Romor dungeon. The preview highlights the dungeon boss Lord Adam and the deck he will use against you in battle, which consists of:

  • 8 Diamond Shard
  • 5 Ruby Shard
  • 5 Sapphire Shard
  • 2 Shard of Purpose
    2 Shard of Conquest
  • 2 Shard of Innovation
  • 2 Royal Valkyr
  • 2 Royal Diplomat
  • 2 Vanguard of Gawaine
  • 4 Royal Herald
  • 2 Vanguard of Cerulea
  • 2 Queensguard
  • 2 Heroic Outlaw
  • 2 Royal Enforcer
  • 2 Royal Cutblood
  • 2 Azurefate Sorceress
  • 2 War Prodigy
  • 2 Buccaneer
  • 2 Burn
  • 2 Repel
  • 2 Power of Diamond
  • 2 Power of Ruby
  • 2 Power of Sapphire

Also included in the preview is a list of card modifications as well as a peek at the card you will acquire by defeating Lord Adam; the Conquest of Romor.

Full details on the dungeon — including visuals of all the cards — are available on Hex’s site.

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  1. They launched a kickstarter and promoted free to play pve and mmo aspect.
    They used the pledges (more than 2 Millions) and developement time (2 years) to build a boring pay to win MTG clone.

    Now the money is running out and the player base is gone.
    This update come too late

  2. That game is not free. Stop with this pathetic false advertising. Only PvE part can be free and cards you get there you cant even use in PVP ( against other people ).

    To get all the cards you would need to spend around 10 000 bucks. Game is a pathetic ugly scam.


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