Hi-Rez is adding a new game to its roster. The company revealed the the new project — a turn-based strategy game set in the universe of SMITE titled SMITE Tactics — today during a Twitch broadcast.

Built on the Unreal Engine, SMITE Tactics offers players the chance to complete in 1v1 using their favorite gods (4 Pantheons available at launch, the rest will follow later), overseeing the battle and choosing minions to use in order to become the victor. Players will be able to make use of the gods’ signature moves. The minions come in a variety of units with unique abilities and players will build their armies using cards — possibly inspired by Paladins.

Hi-Rez confirmed on the stream that SMITE Tactics will be free-to-play sticking with Hi-Rez’s past formulas for monetization. They also confirmed that closed testing will kick in around the end of the year. That pretty much means any minute now at this point considering we’re over halfway through October. Luckily, those that are interested can check out what information is available on the official SMITE Tactics site before then.

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  1. It is a CARD game! this site really is pathetic. Can you at least say/post anything that you are not payed to say?
    it is just another scam game

    • Agreed. I only came here to look for games to replace the garbage ones I been playing. I tried sites and even MMObomb. Still can’t find anything to satisify me. I’m likely to quit gaming and focus on life choices.

  2. Free to Play and strategy games were always a bad combination, mostly resulting in low playerbases and quick lifespan, not to mention utter failures. I don’t see why this game would be an exeption.


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