Chinese publisher Oasis Games announced today that it will be publishing a new multiplayer historical warfare game titled Tiger Knight: Empire War. The game is being published via Steam and is currently in Early Access.

Tiger Knight is a third-person action combat game boasting over 3000 hours of gameplay and will pit players against each other in all out war. It’s set in 200 AD and allows players to play as one of four historical factions: Han, Roman, Kushan, or Parthian.

There are three game modes. The first, Command Mode, is a PvP mode that supports up to 200v200 battles (some of which is AI). Duel Mode supports 16v16 battles and does not allow AI. Finally, Epic War is a PvE mode in which players join a team to fight against the AI.

In addition to the modes listed above, the game offers a variety of other features which can be read about on the Steam page.

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  1. A Chinese clone of Mount & Blade. If you hate emergent open-world RPG gameplay and wished it were distilled into a mindless repetitive grind with a cash shop, then this is the game for you.


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