Today’s Hyper Scape update offers several new options for your controls, new game modes, and — of course — kicks off the battle royale’s holiday event. Players using controllers have access to an “exponential aiming curve” as well as new aiming settings for things such as horizontal and vertical extra speed and speed delay/speed time. There are also new pre-set controller layouts and an FOV slider for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X players.

The Halloween event got a trailer a few days ago, and it will add the two new modes — Solo Crown Rush with Second Chance and Dark Haze Squad — during the two weeks of the celebration. The first lets you respawn if you’re bumped off in the first 4:40 of the match, while the second offers a darker city with a thick fog shrouding everything in mist. There are also Halloween-themed items in the shop, and candy power-ups can be found in the game, granting healing and a speed boost.

The patch also makes several changes to weapons, which Ubisoft acknowledges “will be polarizing in our community,” as they’re geared toward “making the game more accessible.” As someone who previously noted that a lot of the game’s early changes were made to appeal to the hardcore head-shotting crowd, at the expense of the masses, I think the changes are the right direction to take, especially considering the game’s weak numbers on Twitch.

Check out the complete patch notes on the Hyper Scape site.

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