Changes are coming to Hyper Scape today, in the form of a patch from Ubisoft. Then again … since the game is set in a virtual world, is it Ubisoft who’s making the changes or is it the in-game company that operates the Hyper Scape? That’s one heck of a lore dilemma.

The Salvo and Komodo, both explosive weapons, have had their splash damage and radius mitigated somewhat, so as to require more skill and aiming than the “carpet-bombing” strategy that has been too effective during indoor fights. (Well, there goes one of my main tactics.) The Hexfire also had a bug that made it “too efficient with a controller in certain cases,” so that’s been addressed.

On the hacks side, the Mine, Wall, Armor, Slam, and Shockwave all received slight nerfs, while Reveal got a buff, in terms of both its detection radius and range. And if you’ve been hanging around in collapsed sectors and just healing up the damage, look for that to be a bit tougher, as that damage, and its ramp-up, has been increased. Read about those, and all the rest of the changes and bug fixes in today’s patch on the Hyper Scape site.

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