Hyper Scape is back — for good this time, we think — with a new battle pass, a new weapon, a new hack, and other changes and features. Some of the new additions were requested by the community and some were implemented as “suprises” by Ubisoft, such as bits of lore in the form of Memory Shards that appear throughout Neo Arcadia. All of this comes with the debut of Season 1, named “The First Principle,” which runs for the next 55 days.

The new weapon is the Dragonfly, a a silenced, semi-automatic rifle that lets you tap heads from a distance without revealing your position like a noisy sniper rifle does. The Magnet hack is also available, pulling enemies close for the easy finishing blow.

Speaking of easy finishing blows, the Crowncast returns, offering players the chance to earn battle pass levels by watching streams and to vote on events during matches. The Lethal Melee event is a new option, turning melee strikes into one-hit kills for a limited time. You can also spend Twitch bits to hand out Kudos during streams to display symbols on the stream and grant additional battle pass progress for all viewers.

The battle pass itself now features a purchasable option, for the equivalent of about $10, alongside a free option. Both have 100 levels of progress to unlock. If you’re looking to drop even more cash, there are rotating sets of cosmetics available in the shop for purchase.

Finally, Hyper Scape is now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with cross-progression enabled between those platforms and the PC. Cross-play is still int he works and will be “an optional feature” when it is implemented. Learn more about everything Season 1 has to offer on the Hyper Scape website.

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