InnoGames’ most recent free-to-play game, Elvenar, is big with women, according to a recent press release from the company. According to the press release, half of the game’s player-base is women who are buying items more often and spending more money than men in the game’s shop.

The press release also breaks down the differences in what types of items women buy in the strategy-MMO when compared to men — map expansion for men and research items for women. In addition, the game features the oldest player base in InnoGame’s portfolio with 70% of players being over 35.

Along with the info, the development team released a video talking about their thought process behind creating the game, which you can view above.

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  1. Hrm.. good, i think we could use more female gamers generally.
    I wish it wasn’t just a friggin’ browser game that caught the ladies interest though… sigh~

  2. I don’t know why Innogames seems so surprise, a big part of the “female gamers” are women in their 30s playing facebook-style games

    funny how they now are “adding more color” to the game, as if male players didn’t want that xD


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