Free-to-play game developer InnoGames is getting into the Easter spirit with two of its popular games; Forge of Empires and Grepolis. Forge of Empires is hosting its annual Easter egg hunt, beginning today. The event will run until April 4th. During this time, players can tackle Easter themed quests, unlock exclusive buildings, and more. There are about 43 Easter quests to take part in.

Grepolis will be kicking off its Easter event on March 24 and running it through April 11. This even, named Trial of Slingers, will have players acting as mentors to young Greeks; teaching them the art of shooting vases. The vases will contain eggs that players can add to their collection. Completing a collection will earn players rewards.

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  1. InnoGames and the Grepolis game.
    It`s all true, the things RawBeatnik say.
    Now i 2019 there are a lot of issues regarding the team, especially in Norway.
    Team members are rude and liars on forums about other players.
    And it`s a really hard fight to get heard.
    And as always team members that plays, do always win server after server. This has always been a problen in Norway from 2011 until now in 2019.
    However, now they have a new Commulity Manager, which has been in his possition for about a year.
    The plans for the future is to create a nordic server insted of Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland separately.
    Today it`s about 50 to 150 realy active players on those servers, and in the future when they have a Nordic server (january 2020) this game may be interested again in that area.
    And the new CM, do listen, but you have to work for it – realy work for it.
    So, the corruption that was before, is under improvement.
    So if you wish to play a realy good game, then Grepolis is ok, but you do wisely in wating to 2020 in Norway, Denmark, Sweeden og Finland.

  2. Innogames may create some fun games but their customer service is absolutely terrible. For starters, they let their players also be moderators, allowing for a serious conflict of interest. Keep in mind that they also support all decisions made by these moderators, which include decisions to ban other players, from not only the forums, but the game as well. They say you can escalate any issues beyond the moderators but its not clearly defined at all. In fact, the most obvious link to try to do this only sends you to the “Community Manager”, which is just the highest level moderator. In my own case, when dealing with them they even decided to promote the moderator who mistreated me and even broke their own rules, he is now a “Co-Community Manager”.

    I would suggest that if you play any of their games be sure to remain a free-player and don’t bother trying to report any issues to them. At least, if you do, don’t get any hopes up of getting any kind of good customer service!


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