Gamigo’s online reincarnation of the classic turn-based strategy game Jagged Alliance will begin closed beta testing during the final quarter of 2011. Impatient strategists can already sign up for closed beta testing now. The developers from Cliffhanger Productions will also provide answers for the community in the official forum.

Registration for beta testing of Jagged Alliance Online and the official forum can now be found at


  1. Tried the beta of jagged alliance online, after 2 hours I gave up because it’s so boring. These guys just want to make a quick buck with a good franchise. JAO was made without love and without understanding tactical rpgs.

  2. i have played jagged aliance long time ago when it wast just ofline tactical rpg game i think it was about 12years ago
    it was a wery good game and now when its going online i think it will suck

  3. Is this an english version as well? I only see 2 languages available. If this isn’t the english version, when will the english version come out?

  4. @Criswell – Jagged Alliance its a Tactical Role-Play game yes, but Commandos (if that’s what you mean) did actually come later that Jagged Alliance. X-COM and Jagged Alliance both came in 94 and Commandos in 98, much more games like these came in 90’s because they where a popular genre in that time.

  5. FIRST COMMENT BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!…………………now for serious mode

    im signing up for this i think this game actually might be a very interesting game to play


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