Gamigo’s FPS ZULA has entered open beta in North America. The open beta offers players a chance to experience 18 different maps that include five real world locations: Paris, Iraq, Istanbul, Rio, and Safranbolu in Turkey. There are also 8 game modes ranging from Team Deathmatch, to Capture the Flag, to Elimination. And, just to make things really fun, there are more than 100 weapons that can be improved and customized.

To join the beta, head to the ZULA site and click the registration button at the top of the page.

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  1. downloaded it and not one player is on the game sadly, dont know whats the deal, i’ll try it again if i see news on it or maybe a first look video

    • We’re trying to do a First Look..but we keep getting errors that the game isn’t available in our region….lol

  2. The game has such a stupid theme – you play as the Turkish mafia… I hate such specific kind of themes.

    They should have made it original or at least neutral – where two modern fictional armies are fighting in fictional locations on a fictional planet like Earth and give fictional names to the weapons, but keep them realistic… But Turkish mafia… ahahaha no… I’d rather play witch mud and sticks than this crap.

    • It’s a lobby FPS, how important is the setting anyway? It takes place all over the world and factions look as generic as it gets. The game looks mediocre and unappealing, but being themed around “Turkish mafia” is the least of its problems.

      Anyway… I wonder what’s the area of service for this game. I’ve tested it on RU server and wasn’t particularly fond of… some cash shop mechanics. I may be interested in checking it out on the EU server if they’d let me (don’t worry, my ping with EU is perfectly serviceable for an FPS).


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