Liked That Last Race? Do It Again: Kartrider: Drift Details The Upcoming Continuous Matchmaking

Seriously, that's super awesome (and probably should have been there from the start.)

QuintLyn Bowers
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Kartrider Drift Continuous Matchmaking

Matchmaking, in any game, is a bit of a coin toss. Yes, the system will match you with someone who’s ranked the same as you, but that doesn’t guarantee a good experience. The algorithm can only do so much. Sometimes, everything clicks, the match is great, and you want the same pairing again. Well, Kartrider: Drift players are about to be living that dream with Continuous Matchmaking.

This system – first teased in the last Dev Blog – allows the racing game's players to choose to stay matched with the same Racers, for as long as they want. Every time a match ends, the option will be there.

To go along with this, the developers are also adding a Matchmaking Stage where players can hang out and set up their next match together. From there, they can view the track, swap out their character, and chat with each other while waiting for all eight slots to fill.

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