Lara Croft Raids Brawlhalla And Brings A Tomb With Her

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Brawlhalla is holding another crossover event, this time featuring Tomb Raider's Lara Croft. The event introduces several bits of Tomb Raider-specific content to the game including weapon skins, an animated podium, and a new Temple Climb game mode as well as a temple-themed FFA map.

Players can take on the role of Lara, snag the Survivor Lara Croft skin, and use her trademark dual pistols and fire arrows while fighting in the new free-for-all Temple Ruins map. The map features three soft platforms, a main platform, and two islands near the knockout zone.

As for the Temple Climb game mode, it's a 4-player FFA filled with pressure plates that activate traps. Players will not only need to avoid those but avoid the attacks of other players while they attempt to earn the most points and win the match.

The event is included as part of a larger update that also introduces new test features -- such as an update for the Experimental Cannon and some quality of life changes. The full patch notes are available on the Brawlhalla site.

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