A new tank support is joining the League of Legends roster, but before that happens they’re providing players with a look at what went into her — and her steed’s — creation. Rell is a dark character created as the ultimate weapon and fueled by rage. She originates in Noxus where a clandestine organization named The Black Rose dabbled in a variety of dark arts for a thousand years. Her parents are an agent of that organization as well as a ranking Noxian soldier, and the result is a fierce warrior capable of metal manipulation — or ferromancy. This explains her armored steed that looks to be armor without anything there to actually wear it.

Since the mount is apparently a big part of Rell’s character, the dev team spent a good bit of effort making sure that she could still work within the structure of the game, particularly when it comes to movement. They also wanted to make sure it didn’t end up having a “cute” thing going on. The theme is definitely intended to be “badass”. Those interested in finding out more about the design process can read about it on the League of Legends site.

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