League of Legends Graves cigar

Back in 2014, when Riot Games was showing off Graves, its newest champion for League of Legends, the gun-toting badass was sporting a thick cigar between his lips. In later versions, the cigar was edited out. The reason? As Rioter Silver explained, the cigar carried “risk of censorship or age rating problems in various regions based on the depiction of tobacco usage” and Riot wanted to avoid “sharding the game unnecessarily for different regions.” So Graves became a non-smoker.


Three years later, though, he’s free to pollute his lungs by chomping on a cancer stick, thanks to some new tech. As explained in a recent “Ask Riot” blog post, patch 7.9 will come with a new data tag that identifies the region you’re playing in and uses the appropriate art. So Graves can have a cigar and certain other champions can have extra-bloody splash art — as long as you’re not in a region that restricts that sort of thing, like China.

Other questions answered in last week’s blog post include vital information regarding Lulu’s cupcakes and whether boosted animals are covered by the pet insurance offered by Riot. Personally, I’m wondering how they skirt the child labor laws with characters like Annie and Nunu.

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  1. So you can sexualize 99% of the female characters, put a lot of other stupid images in a game but you can’t put a cigar? Children watch their own parents smoking, holy molly, what a world.

  2. To be honest cancer is a molecule that lays dormant inside us awaiting its own release into our system, it may, or may never, release itself. But most cancers are a related ignition from the polluted air we breath and not tobacco we smoke, its related decease comes from its natural formation, but its not actually factual that if you use tobacco your going to get cancer.
    The “cancer from smoking” is a myth, as cancer is caused, or ignited purely from the air we breath, from the pollution we put there industry, congestion,smog, and the digestion of products we consume. Its like a time bomb inside us which may or may not ever surface. These are far more factual and are the dominant cause of the decease. The fear mungering of smoking & now drinking which is being uttered from governments is bullshit, as they are hiding from truths of industrial pollution, & what we made and created ourselves.

  3. its so stupid when countries get so stuck up about trivial things like this, for me it doesnt even matter if he has a cigar or not, if i played the MOBAs, all i would care is what skills he has and whether hes good for my style or not

    • What you don’t know is that cigar comes with an active buff. When lit: +25% AD, +25% AR, +25% MR for 1 min. 8 min Cooldown.
      Now who wants that cigar!!!???


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